BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
debian/experimentalremove dependency on dh-python, its not available in wheezyMicah Anderson8 years
debian/platform-0.9ignore more thingsKali Kaneko (leap communications)6 years
develop[feat] add support for the blob interfaceRuben Pollan7 years
masterremove platform packages for unsupported distributionsMicah Anderson6 years
openssl1_1fix segfault with openssl 1.1Kali Kaneko (leap communications)7 years
TagDownloadAuthorAge 2f6b89f358...Kali Kaneko6 years
2.6.9commit 595d19694e...Kali Kaneko (leap communications)7 years
2.6.8commit a55df58db5...Kali Kaneko (leap communications)7 years
0.9.4commit c4b48f0668...Kali Kaneko (leap communications)7 years
2.6.7commit 7d2faa4d5d...Kali Kaneko (leap communications)7 years
2.6.6commit 9bcaa60cb1...Kali Kaneko (leap communications)7 years
0.9.3commit 1f6f24540b...Kali Kaneko (leap communications)7 years
2.6.5commit fbe8ac2079...Kali Kaneko (leap communications)7 years
2.6.4commit 83f36392e5...Kali Kaneko9 years
2.6.3-1commit 61719eade1...Kali Kaneko9 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-10-26remove platform packages for unsupported distributionsHEADmasterMicah Anderson
2017-10-26Update Standards-Version to 4.1.1Varac
2017-10-26Fix lintian warning (resolves: #2)Varac
2017-10-26Build ubuntu artful packageVarac
2017-09-27[pkg] bump debian changelog2.6.9.1Kali Kaneko
2017-09-27delete test dbKali Kaneko
2017-09-20Build package for debian busterVarac
2017-08-28Build for stretch and zesty, and for client repo as wellVarac
2017-06-27[pkg] Note about missing manpage to .gitlab-ci.ymlVarac
2017-06-26Dont ignore the whole debian/ folderVarac