AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-06-22ignore more thingsdebian/platform-0.9Kali Kaneko (leap communications)
2017-06-22update to new build step, linking against system lib is now the defaultKali Kaneko (leap communications)
2017-06-22merge masterKali Kaneko (leap communications)
2017-06-22[pkg] add empty default targetKali Kaneko (leap communications)
2017-04-13add todoKali Kaneko (leap communications)
2017-04-13add entry to changelogKali Kaneko (leap communications)
2017-04-13patch amalgamation to show usleep flagKali Kaneko (leap communications)
2017-04-13add some smoke testsKali Kaneko (leap communications)
2017-04-13update amalgamation to 3.15Kali Kaneko (leap communications)
2017-04-13cleanup setupKali Kaneko (leap communications)
2017-02-08bump version to Kaneko (leap communications)
2017-02-02[feat] add support for the blob interfacedevelopRuben Pollan
2017-01-23support other shells2.6.8Kali Kaneko (leap communications)
2017-01-23bump version for pysqlcipher 2.6.8Kali Kaneko (leap communications)
2017-01-20Patch amalgamation so that it is compatible with openssl 1.1Kali Kaneko (leap communications)
2016-10-03update to Kaneko (leap communications)
2016-10-03updated to latest amalgamationKali Kaneko (leap communications)
2016-09-30add LICENSE section about sqlcipherKali Kaneko (leap communications)
2016-09-30add upload to makefileKali Kaneko (leap communications)
2016-09-30add script to download latest amalgamation2.6.6Kali Kaneko (leap communications)
2016-09-30[pkg] change the build behaviorKali Kaneko (leap communications)
2016-09-30enable HAVE_USLEEP flagKali Kaneko (leap communications)
2016-01-24[bug] setup does only work with msvc compilerPaixuAabuizia
2015-11-18[bug] Set dependency on sqlcipher to "> 3.2.0-1"varac
2015-10-29remove dependency on dh-python, its not available in wheezydebian/experimentalMicah Anderson
2015-09-02fix debian/copyright for lintianMicah Anderson
2015-09-01remove unneeded debian watch fileKali Kaneko
2015-09-01bump dependency on sqlcipher >= 3.2.0-1.1Kali Kaneko
2015-01-16Merge remote-tracking branch 'leapcode/pr/14' into developKali Kaneko
2015-01-16Fix for invalid concatenated path causing install to fail in OpenBazaarPaul Barriere
2014-11-12fix typo in almalgamation url2.6.4Kali Kaneko
2014-11-11bump version in setup.pyKali Kaneko
2014-11-10add changelog entry for msvs pullreqKali Kaneko
2014-11-10Add support for msvcGiannis Adamopoulos
2014-11-10use https uri for amalgamation downloadKali Kaneko
2014-09-14readme fixesKali Kaneko
2014-09-14fix bad expressionKali Kaneko
2014-09-12document build_sqlcipher commandKali Kaneko
2014-09-12fix syntax for code blocksKali Kaneko
2014-09-11ignore egg-info folderKali Kaneko
2014-09-11move to setuptools based setupKali Kaneko
2014-09-11add changelog2.6.3-1Kali Kaneko
2014-09-08add usage sectionKali Kaneko
2014-09-08set CFLAGS to -Qnoused-arguments to allow osx buildKali Kaneko
2014-08-28Fix module import for iterdump method (#2945).db
2014-07-04need to also fix the depends on libsqlcipher0Micah Anderson
2014-07-01change build dependency version on libsqlcipher-dev to pick up backports easierMicah Anderson
2013-12-05remove the development flag so it's pip-installableKali Kaneko
2013-11-08Merge branch 'debian' of ssh:// into debianKali Kaneko
2013-11-08avoid access to network; clean pycsKali Kaneko