AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-10-29remove dependency on dh-python, its not available in wheezydebian/experimentalMicah Anderson
2015-09-02fix debian/copyright for lintianMicah Anderson
2015-09-01remove unneeded debian watch fileKali Kaneko
2015-09-01bump dependency on sqlcipher >= 3.2.0-1.1Kali Kaneko
2014-07-04need to also fix the depends on libsqlcipher0Micah Anderson
2014-07-01change build dependency version on libsqlcipher-dev to pick up backports easierMicah Anderson
2013-11-08Merge branch 'debian' of ssh:// into debianKali Kaneko
2013-11-08avoid access to network; clean pycsKali Kaneko
2013-11-08fix minimum needed version for sqlcipherKali Kaneko
2013-11-06remove debian version, this is a native packageMicah Anderson
2013-10-29Require libsqlcipher0 >= 2.2.1-2, see #726464Kali Kaneko
2013-06-05Merge remote-tracking branch 'micah/debian' into debianKali Kaneko
2013-06-04fix for backporting to wheezy: E: dh_python2:145: extension for python2.6 is ...Micah Anderson
2013-05-31Merge branch 'develop' into debianKali Kaneko
2013-05-31remove doc install for nowKali Kaneko
2013-05-31several debian/* improvementsMicah Anderson
2013-05-31initial debian filesKali Kaneko
2013-05-30remove installation of unnecessary documentation into wrong location (usr/pys...Micah Anderson
2013-05-30update standards revision, no changesMicah Anderson
2013-05-30fix version so it matches native requirementsMicah Anderson
2013-05-30add myself as uploaderMicah Anderson
2013-05-30add the debian/* files to the copyright noticeMicah Anderson
2013-05-30switch to debhelper version compat 9, this should allow us to get some harden...Micah Anderson
2013-05-30make changelog more suitable than the one generated by stdebMicah Anderson
2013-05-31add include dir for slcipherKali Kaneko
2013-05-31add libsqlcipher-dev as build-depKali Kaneko
2013-05-31add incude dir for libsqlcipherKali Kaneko
2013-05-31do not use amalgamation builderKali Kaneko
2013-05-30ignore moar thingsKali Kaneko
2013-05-30add build step, we were missing python filesKali Kaneko
2013-05-30ignore debianKali Kaneko
2013-05-30going nativeKali Kaneko
2013-05-30fix rulesKali Kaneko
2013-05-30Merge branch 'develop' into debianKali Kaneko
2013-05-30bump dev versionKali Kaneko
2013-05-30Merge branch 'develop' into debianKali Kaneko
2013-05-30bump dev versionKali Kaneko
2013-05-30initial debian filesKali Kaneko
2013-05-30add build_sqlcipher optionKali Kaneko
2013-05-30cleanup docsKali Kaneko
2013-04-30add dev versionKali Kaneko
2013-04-26minor modifications to setupKali Kaneko
2013-02-04initial commitKali Kaneko