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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-08-25Update modulesync_config [0d59329]David Schmitt
2016-04-18Update to newest modulesync_configs [9ca280f]David Schmitt
2015-08-20Fix acceptance hangHunter Haugen
2015-08-17MODULES-2326 - Run Regexp.escape on the source URLMorgan Haskel
2015-08-14MODULES-2125 - Allow revision to be passed without sourceMorgan Haskel
2015-08-03MODULES-1800 - fix case where ensure => latest and no revision specifiedMorgan Haskel
2015-06-29Merge pull request #242 from BillWeiss/bump-ssl-expiryHunter Haugen
2015-05-29acceptance: Add a test verifying anonymous https cloningDavid Schmitt
2015-04-08Just bumping the expiration date...Bill Weiss
2015-01-21Implemented multiple remotes feature for git provider.Jonathan Tripathy
2015-01-14Remove let use as variable.Hunter Haugen
2014-12-26MODULES-1596 - Repository repeatedly destroyed/created with forceMorgan Haskel
2014-09-29Convert specs to RSpec 2.99.2 syntax with TranspecIgor Galić
2014-07-14(maint) Use `copy_module_to` in `beaker_helper.rb`Justin Stoller
2014-07-11The helper calls host outside of an each loopHunter Haugen
2014-07-11(MODULES-660) Correct detached HEAD on latestHunter Haugen
2014-07-03(MODULES-1014) Add rspec for noop modePeter Souter
2014-06-27Patch misuse of apply_manifest_onHunter Haugen
2014-06-27Merge pull request #176 from hunner/patch_noopHunter Haugen
2014-06-26Update noop to workHunter Haugen
2014-06-25Sync filesColleen Murphy
2014-06-18(QENG-798) Update acceptance helpers to create distmoduledirJustin Stoller
2014-06-18Define group in clone_repo_spec testJohn Duarte
2014-06-18Pending overflow depth testHunter Haugen
2014-06-16Accomodate ubuntu-10 package for git in beaker testsJohn Duarte
2014-06-16Change tests to not install git-daemon on debianJohn Duarte
2014-06-16Correct shallow clone countHunter Haugen
2014-06-16Correct gitconfig typoHunter Haugen
2014-06-16More typosHunter Haugen
2014-06-16Fix typo in mkdirHunter Haugen
2014-06-16Need to make the moduledir before scping the module to agentsHunter Haugen
2014-06-16Patch beaker spec helper for create_remote_fileHunter Haugen
2014-05-27Update tests for ubuntu 14.04Hunter Haugen
2014-05-22Set git bare with revision test to failJohn Duarte
2014-05-21Update specs and fix FM-1361Hunter Haugen
2014-05-19Move protocol tests to beaker suiteJohn Duarte
2014-05-19Merge pull request #137 from johnduarte/git_ensure_latestAshley Penney
2014-05-19Merge pull request #141 from johnduarte/beaker_testsAshley Penney
2014-05-19Ensure vagrant user/group for non-vagrant testingJohn Duarte
2014-05-18Skip exec excludes until expectations are definedJohn Duarte
2014-05-18Skip HTTP basic auth (see FM-1331)John Duarte
2014-05-18Fix git daemon callJohn Duarte
2014-05-18Fix exec for clone with excludes testJohn Duarte
2014-05-18Skip tests for unsupported featuresJohn Duarte
2014-05-18Fix calls to rubyJohn Duarte
2014-05-18Use sinatra to set up basic auth HTTP serverJohn Duarte
2014-05-18Add conditional ruby path based on peJohn Duarte
2014-05-18Add beaker tests for git basic authJohn Duarte
2014-05-18Fix exec test for cloneJohn Duarte
2014-05-18Fix exec test for compressionJohn Duarte