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2016-09-01Fix bug in ensure => absentNate Butler
2016-08-25Update modulesync_config [0d59329]David Schmitt
2016-04-18Update to newest modulesync_configs [9ca280f]David Schmitt
2016-03-24Merge pull request #284 from lazyfrosch/stderrHunter Haugen
2016-02-16(FM-4046) Update to current msync configs [006831f]David Schmitt
2016-02-16Bring stderr output to the Puppet visible outputMarkus Frosch
2016-02-10Merge pull request #282 from Strech/masterBryan Jen
2016-01-27(FM-4049) Update to current msync configs [2c99161]David Schmitt
2015-12-22Add mirror option for git cloningStrech (Sergey Fedorov)
2015-10-15Fix :false to be default valueHunter Haugen
2015-09-14Add feature depth and param trust_server_cert to svnmonai
2015-08-20Fix acceptance hangHunter Haugen
2015-08-17MODULES-2326 - Run Regexp.escape on the source URLMorgan Haskel
2015-08-14MODULES-2125 - Allow revision to be passed without sourceMorgan Haskel
2015-08-03MODULES-1800 - fix case where ensure => latest and no revision specifiedMorgan Haskel
2015-06-29Merge pull request #242 from BillWeiss/bump-ssl-expiryHunter Haugen
2015-06-22Merge pull request #255 from jonnytpuppet/depth_fixDavid Schmitt
2015-06-22MODULES-2131 Git provider now takes account of revision property when using d...Jonathan Tripathy
2015-06-19Merge pull request #252 from DavidS/add-https-clone-testJT (Jonny)
2015-06-11Add helper to install puppet/pe/puppet-agentHunter Haugen
2015-06-08(maint) allow setting PUPPET_VERSION in acceptanceJustin Stoller
2015-05-29acceptance: Add a test verifying anonymous https cloningDavid Schmitt
2015-04-08Just bumping the expiration date...Bill Weiss
2015-03-30Merge pull request #220 from ddisisto/1.2.x_add_svn_acceptTP Honey
2015-03-25Fix remote hash ordering for unit testsColleen Murphy
2015-03-06(MODULES-1551) Add support for SVN conflict handlingDaniel DiSisto
2015-01-21Implemented multiple remotes feature for git provider.Jonathan Tripathy
2015-01-14Remove let use as variable.Hunter Haugen
2015-01-13removing private teststphoney
2014-12-26MODULES-1596 - Repository repeatedly destroyed/created with forceMorgan Haskel
2014-10-29Add spec test for invokation as a different userJon Fautley
2014-10-29Rework spec tests to support new execution methodJon Fautley
2014-10-21Merge pull request #210 from igalic/transpecAaron Stone
2014-10-16(FM-1951) Ensure Git is installable on EL 5 platformsJustin Stoller
2014-09-29Convert specs to RSpec 2.99.2 syntax with TranspecIgor Galić
2014-09-17Remove excess whitespaceAaron Stone
2014-09-16Merge pull request #208 from sodabrew/simplecov_not_1.8.7Hunter Haugen
2014-09-15Merge branch '1.1.x'Hunter Haugen
2014-09-14Disable simplecov on Ruby 1.8.7Aaron Stone
2014-09-10Fix issue with puppet_module_install, removed and using updated method from b...Travis Fields
2014-08-28Update spec_helper for more consistencyMorgan Haskel
2014-07-14Merge branch 'master' into 1.0.xHunter Haugen
2014-07-14(maint) Use `copy_module_to` in `beaker_helper.rb`Justin Stoller
2014-07-14Merge pull request #187 from p4paul/masterHunter Haugen
2014-07-11The helper calls host outside of an each loopHunter Haugen
2014-07-11(MODULES-660) Correct detached HEAD on latestHunter Haugen
2014-07-08Merge merge lint changesPaul Allen
2014-07-03(MODULES-1014) Add rspec for noop modePeter Souter
2014-07-02Update Markdown with missing Perforce details.Paul Allen
2014-06-30Merge pull request #171 from p4paul/masterHunter Haugen