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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-07-27[pkg] make pydist work in a clean envRuben Pollan
2017-07-25[pkg] add target for uploading to pypiKali Kaneko
2017-07-25[pkg] packaging and path changesKali Kaneko
2017-07-24[feature] package web-ui as a distributable python moduleKali Kaneko (leap communications)
2016-12-08Revert "[#801] Merge branch 'signup'"Roald de Vries
2016-12-05no difference between dev and prod static filesRoald de Vries
2015-08-24Allow bower to be executed as root - needed by pdebuild.Folker Bernitt
2014-12-10No more gemfiles (also means no more control tower for now). Will rewrite it ...Duda Dornelles
2014-09-10Build and add resources at the right locations.Folker Bernitt
2014-09-09Added Makefile to web-ui.Folker Bernitt