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[feature] package web-ui as a distributable python module
in this way, we can generate wheels and pip-install it from pypi or other sources. we intend to use this for easing the shipping of the Pixelated UI in our packages/bundles. a separate debian package can also be easily generated form this artifact.
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diff --git a/web-ui/Makefile b/web-ui/Makefile
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--- a/web-ui/Makefile
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@@ -31,6 +31,15 @@ install:
cp -r dist/* $(DESTDIR)/usr/share/pixelated-user-agent
+pydist-clean: clean
+ rm -rf build/
+ cp -r dist/* pixelated_www/
+ python bdist_wheel
all: clean compile install
.PHONY: clean compile install all