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2017-07-24[pkg] modify info after forkKali Kaneko
2017-07-24add timestamp to pixelated-user-agent package tooKali Kaneko (leap communications)
2017-07-24[feature] allow to pass a static_folder to RootResourceKali Kaneko (leap communications)
2017-06-07Remove old unused files againVarac
2017-06-01Revert "Remove old unused files"Tayane Fernandes
2017-06-01Fix _attach_key mock to reflect bitmask-dev changesTulio Casagrande
2017-05-29Remove old unused filesvarac
2017-05-12Replace the website url by github urlTayane Fernandes
2017-05-10Remove a unused provider urlTayane Fernandes
2017-05-02Updated component diagramSriram Viswanathan
2017-04-27Pixelated component diagram using draw.ioSriram Viswanathan
2017-04-26Merge pull request #1065 from pixelated/diagram-account-recoveryAnike Arni
2017-04-26Fix recovery code mail functional testThais Siqueira
2017-04-26Includes logout after scenariosThais Siqueira
2017-04-24Refresh before logout on functional testsSriram Viswanathan
2017-04-20[#927] Uses internal email date method for consistencyAnike Arni
2017-04-20[#927] Sets default language to en-USAnike Arni
2017-04-20[#927] Calls the public method intead of private one on testAnike Arni
2017-04-19[#927] Improves recovery email templateAnike Arni
2017-04-19[#927] Removes recovery url from emailDenis Costa
2017-04-19[#927] Adds date to recovery code emailAnike Arni
2017-04-19[#927] Adds headers to recovery code email templateAnike Arni
2017-04-19[#927] Adds email template translation for portugueseAnike Arni
2017-04-19Merge pull request #1054 from pixelated/recovery-code-email-templateAnike Arni
2017-04-18[#927] Mocks email test to not assert on full textAnike Arni
2017-04-18[#927] Fixes type in account recovery emailAnike Arni
2017-04-17Fixes functional tests with missing fileThais Siqueira
2017-04-17Logs user out after failed functional testThais Siqueira
2017-04-17Adds steps to ensure users sees inbox in funcional testsThais Siqueira
2017-04-17Improves account recovery flow functional tests.Thais Siqueira
2017-04-13[#927] Add recovery code mail templateDenis Costa
2017-04-12[#927] Add require_user tagTulio Casagrande
2017-04-12[#927] Remove unused importsTulio Casagrande
2017-04-12[#927] Rename parameter for better readabilityTulio Casagrande
2017-04-12[#927] Confirm email with the recovery codeTulio Casagrande
2017-04-12[#927] Log account recovery stepsTulio Casagrande
2017-04-11[#927] Enter credentials using default valuesTulio Casagrande
2017-04-11[#927] Call AccountRecoveryPage parent using the proper wayTulio Casagrande
2017-04-10[#927] Fix importsTulio Casagrande
2017-04-10[#927] Refactor testsTulio Casagrande
2017-04-10[#927] Send recovery code using provider domainTulio Casagrande
2017-04-06Change to use develop branch of python-gnupgTulio Casagrande
2017-04-06Merge pull request #1048 from pixelated/backup_account_during_recoverySriram Viswanathan
2017-04-06[#938] Uses PageObject pattern for functional testSriram Viswanathan
2017-04-06[#934] Handle post in a dedicate methodTulio Casagrande
2017-04-05[#938] Adds smoke test for account recovery flowSriram Viswanathan
2017-04-05[#934] Add back-end password validationTulio Casagrande
2017-04-05Merge pull request #1043 from pixelated/validate-passwordTulio Casagrande
2017-04-05[fix-tests] Generate a new username for each smoke featureThais Siqueira
2017-04-05[#934] Add front-end password validationTulio Casagrande