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2017-07-25[pkg] packaging and path changesKali Kaneko
- move all the pixelated python package under src/ - move the pixelated_www package under the leap namespace - allow to set globally the static folder - add hours and minutes to the timestamp in package version, to allow for several releases a day.
2017-04-19[#927] Improves recovery email templateAnike Arni
with @deniscostadsc
2017-04-19[#927] Removes recovery url from emailDenis Costa
2017-04-19[#927] Adds headers to recovery code email templateAnike Arni
with @deniscostadsc
2017-04-18[#927] Fixes type in account recovery emailAnike Arni
with @deniscostadsc
2017-04-13[#927] Add recovery code mail templateDenis Costa
with @tuliocasagrande