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[pkg] packaging and path changes
- move all the pixelated python package under src/ - move the pixelated_www package under the leap namespace - allow to set globally the static folder - add hours and minutes to the timestamp in package version, to allow for several releases a day.
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-From: {sender}
-Date: {date}
-Subject: Recovery Code for {domain}
-To: {backup_email}
-Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8
-You are receiving this message because you registered an email account at https://{domain}.
-If you ever forget your password, you'll need the code below to recover it. Save it! It is the only way to access to your account again.
-Save this message or write this code in a safe place.
-Why is this so important?
-Pixelated is an email client that respects your privacy and uses PGP Encryption to do so. Your password also gives you access to your keys, so if you forget it you will lose access to your account and the ability to read your messages.
-Forgetting passwords is a common thing, so we developed a more secure way to recover access to your account.
-1) This code is half of a big code to recover your account.
-2) The other half is with the account administrator.
-3) In case you forget your password, use this code and your administrator code to recover access to your account. It's like those locks with two keys :)
-PS: If you didn't create an account at https://{domain}, please ignore this email.