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2017-07-25[pkg] packaging and path changesKali Kaneko
2017-05-12Replace the website url by github urlTayane Fernandes
2017-04-19[#927] Improves recovery email templateAnike Arni
2017-04-19[#927] Removes recovery url from emailDenis Costa
2017-04-19[#927] Adds date to recovery code emailAnike Arni
2017-04-19[#927] Adds headers to recovery code email templateAnike Arni
2017-04-19[#927] Adds email template translation for portugueseAnike Arni
2017-04-18[#927] Fixes type in account recovery emailAnike Arni
2017-04-13[#927] Add recovery code mail templateDenis Costa
2017-02-16[#907] Convert login page to reactTulio Casagrande
2017-02-13[#907] Change login status to return jsonTulio Casagrande
2017-02-10[#907] Change interstitial to query for new status resourceTulio Casagrande
2016-12-08Revert "[#801] Merge branch 'signup'"Roald de Vries
2016-12-05get templates from pkg_resourcesRoald de Vries
2016-11-30add csrf token to login formRoald de Vries
2016-09-30[#348] Aesthetical changes to the welcome emailsTulio Casagrande
2016-09-30Adds new welcome mail text in english.Denis Costa
2016-09-30Adds new welcome mail text in portuguese.Denis Costa
2016-09-29adapt the EN welcome mailRoald de Vries
2016-09-27Fixes charset on welcome mail in portuguese.Denis Costa
2016-09-23Adds translation to welcome mail.Denis Costa
2016-05-11Remove dispatcher references from serviceCaio Carrara
2016-02-18Autofocus needs a value to be valid xmlBruno Wagner
2016-02-18Tweaked login screen inputsBruno Wagner
2016-02-11adds argument to supply custom disclaimer/banner on login screenNavaL
2016-02-05closing the services closes leap session, which stops background tasks, close...NavaL
2016-02-03move leap session creation to be done after interstitial is loadedNavaL
2016-01-28added ft stepNavaL
2016-01-22Show sensible error message for failed loginFolker Bernitt
2016-01-22Add mutli-user mode to user-agentFolker Bernitt
2015-10-22Move interstitial to root resourceFolker Bernitt
2015-10-13Fix send welcome email service method #484 Giovane & JeffGiovane
2015-10-05Fixed interstitial resizingBruno Wagner
2015-06-03fix jshint for interstitial pagerafael lisboa
2015-04-10 improve details about encriptionNeissi Torres Lima
2015-04-09#334 Formatting the HTML part of the welcome emailGabriel Albo
2015-04-01Adds text explaining encryption statusVictor Shyba
2015-04-01Adds a welcome mail templateVictor Shyba
2015-01-29Issue #237: Quick hack to solve resize problem.Folker Bernitt
2015-01-27Using jquery min in loading page and re-adding monkey-patches for sqlcypher a...Duda Dornelles
2015-01-27#237 #232 #196 syncing user data once before starting the UA. Displaying a lo...Duda Dornelles