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# Further Notes
-## Multi User Mode
-To run the pixelated user agent multi user mode, please run the following:
- vagrant@jessie:/vagrant$ pixelated-user-agent --host --multi-user
-You will need to change `` to the hostname of the leap provider that you will be using.
-Once that is done, you can use by browsing to [http://localhost:3333](http://localhost:3333), where you will be prompted for your email username and password.
-## Config file with credentials
-Create a config file with `ini` format in the root directory, see the example:
-Host and port is optional.
-To use it, start the user agent like this:
-`$ pixelated-user-agent --host --config credentials.ini`
## How to translate the user interface
See: [Translating Pixelated](