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2013-05-30Merge remote-tracking branch 'drebs/feature/2683-move-keymanager-to-leap_clie...0.2.5release/v0.2.5Tomás Touceda
2013-05-30Remove deps on soledad and python-gnupg.drebs
2013-05-30add data files: testing certificatesKali Kaneko
2013-05-16Add crypto submodule that handles AES-256-CTR encryption.drebs
2013-05-15Bump leap.common version for tagging0.2.4Tomás Touceda
2013-05-14Add dependency on soledad and install tests.drebs
2013-05-14Fix dependency link for protobuf.socketrpc dependency.drebs
2013-05-08version bumpKali Kaneko
2013-05-01return None if no key found, avoid KeyErrorKali Kaneko
2013-04-11Add the right name for pypi packageKali Kaneko
2013-04-11Add compiled protoKali Kaneko
2013-04-11Add option to compile servicesKali Kaneko
2013-04-11Merge remote-tracking branch 'kali/bug/fix-imports' into developTomas Touceda
2013-04-10add generic tarball to download link for protobuf.rpcKali Kaneko
2013-04-09add BaseConfig class and its dependenciesKali Kaneko
2013-04-09add dateutil to reqsKali Kaneko
2013-04-09add pyopenssl to dependenciesKali Kaneko
2013-04-01Add tests for events mechanism.drebs
2013-03-31Add events mechanism dependencies to file.drebs
2013-03-15pep8Kali Kaneko
2013-03-14initial commitKali Kaneko