AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-05-30Merge remote-tracking branch 'drebs/feature/2683-move-keymanager-to-leap_clie...0.2.5release/v0.2.5Tomás Touceda
2013-05-30Remove deps on soledad and python-gnupg.drebs
2013-05-29Merge remote-tracking branch 'kali/bug/add-data-files' into developTomás Touceda
2013-05-30add data files: testing certificatesKali Kaneko
2013-05-29Remove keymanager from this repository.drebs
2013-05-29Merge remote-tracking branch 'drebs/feature/2341-use-indexes-to-store-and-fet...Tomás Touceda
2013-05-28Merge remote-tracking branch 'kali/bug/allow-absolute-paths2' into developTomás Touceda
2013-05-29change docstring comments to use sphinx styleKali Kaneko
2013-05-29allow absolute paths to config.loadKali Kaneko
2013-05-28Fix wrong iv test to account for new form of iv.drebs
2013-05-28Use indexes to fetch keys.drebs
2013-05-23Properly use AES in CTR modeTomás Touceda
2013-05-23Merge remote-tracking branch 'kali/bug/more-compact-debug' into developTomás Touceda
2013-05-23make more compact debug info by truncating stringsKali Kaneko
2013-05-21Remove openpgp symmetric encryption.drebs
2013-05-20Adapt get_key() and send_key() to the spec.drebs
2013-05-21use temporary openpgpwrapper as a context managerKali Kaneko
2013-05-18Adapt keymanager tests for latest Soledad api.drebs
2013-05-17Do not attempt to fetch private keys from server.drebs
2013-05-16Add crypto submodule that handles AES-256-CTR encryption.drebs
2013-05-16Fix pep8 style.drebs
2013-05-15Bump leap.common version for tagging0.2.4Tomás Touceda
2013-05-14Add dependency on soledad and install tests.drebs
2013-05-14Fix dependency link for protobuf.socketrpc dependency.drebs
2013-05-13Merge remote-tracking branch 'drebs/feature/2488-openpgp-sign-3' into developTomas Touceda
2013-05-11Add changes file.drebs
2013-05-11Encrypt/decrypt can also sign/verify.drebs
2013-05-11add repr method to encryption keyKali Kaneko
2013-05-09Add sign/verify to keymanager's openpgp.drebs
2013-05-08version bumpKali Kaneko
2013-05-07Add the proper URL for installing socketrpcTomas Touceda
2013-05-03Merge remote-tracking branch 'drebs/feature/key-manager' into developTomas Touceda
2013-05-02Add tests for key management remote methods.drebs
2013-05-02Various fixesTomas Touceda
2013-05-01return None if no key found, avoid KeyErrorKali Kaneko
2013-04-29Remove string conversion for encryption/decryption results.drebs
2013-04-29Remove gpg reference on Soledad usage.drebs
2013-04-27Use 'requests' module in KeyManager.drebs
2013-04-27Add key refreshing for KeyManager.drebs
2013-04-23Refactor, fixes, add api, tests.drebs
2013-04-22Add send_keys() and refresh_keys() to Key Manager.drebs
2013-04-19Make keymanager OpenPGP wrapper store using Soledad.drebs
2013-04-19Make the key wrapper map an object property.drebs
2013-04-15Add basic openpgp key handling to Key Managerdrebs
2013-04-14Add key manager basic API docstrings.drebs
2013-04-11Add the right name for pypi packageKali Kaneko
2013-04-11Add compiled protoKali Kaneko
2013-04-11Add option to compile servicesKali Kaneko
2013-04-11add RAISE_WINDOW eventKali Kaneko
2013-04-11Merge remote-tracking branch 'kali/bug/fix-imports' into developTomas Touceda