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2016-03-10[setup] Added docs on how to run the testsBruno Wagner
Also added dirspec directly to the setuptools for now, because it needs the dependency along with the url, but pip would break if it had both
2015-11-02[pkg] rename extras to 'http'Kali Kaneko
and document the dependencies on the README.
2015-09-09[docs] add downloads badgeKali Kaneko
2015-09-09[docs] fix broken pypi badgeKali Kaneko
2015-07-29[docs] remove ref to protobuf from READMEKali Kaneko
we stopped using protobuf after the events submodule refactor
2013-08-19Add libssl-dev requirement for pyOpenSSL.Ivan Alejandro
2013-05-30add data files: testing certificatesKali Kaneko
2013-04-11add RAISE_WINDOW eventKali Kaneko
2013-04-09add BaseConfig class and its dependenciesKali Kaneko
2013-03-14add README and LICENSEKali Kaneko