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2016-07-11[tests] ignore .tox folderHEADdevelopKali Kaneko
2016-07-11[pkg] remove dependency on dirspecdrebs
This commit removes the dep introduced in 5e12233 by just importing some tiny bit of dirspec code. The previous change was introduced because: * pyxdg did not account for Mac OS specifics, i.e. using ~/Library/ directory structure instead of .config (see: * dirspec does the correct thing for xdg on Mac OS. * u1db depends on dirspec anyway. The problem is that dirspec is not maintained and published on pypi, what forces us to download it from an URL and add exceptions to be able to pip install it. As we are removing dependence on u1db on other modules, we can also remove it here. To workaround the Mac OS problem, we just add some code from dirspec to ensure we get the correct directory on Mac OS.
2016-07-11[test] toxify testsdrebs
2016-07-06[test] add gitlab ci filedrebs
2016-05-18[pkg] setup: use new versioneer json formatKali Kaneko
2016-05-16[style] move import to topKali Kaneko
2016-04-18Merge tag '0.5.1' into developKali Kaneko
Tag leap.bitmask version 0.5.1
2016-04-18[pkg] Update changelog0.5.1Kali Kaneko
2016-04-01[pkg] update to versioneer 0.16Kali Kaneko
2016-03-24[doc] update event annotationKali Kaneko
2016-03-24Merge remote-tracking branch 'leapcode/pr/139' into developKali Kaneko
2016-03-16[bug] close TxAuthenticator properlyChristoph Kluenter
otherwise the context.term() does not return
2016-03-11[feature] HookableServiceKali Kaneko
ad-hoc register/trigger mechanism used for service composition. to be used in bitmask.core and bitmask.bonafide in the first place.
2016-03-11Merge remote-tracking branch 'leapcode/pr/138' into developKali Kaneko
2016-03-10[setup] Added docs on how to run the testsBruno Wagner
Also added dirspec directly to the setuptools for now, because it needs the dependency along with the url, but pip would break if it had both
2016-03-10[setup] pycommon pip installs in edit modeBruno Wagner
Leap pycommon will now be installed in editable mode when you use pip install, so that you can run the tests and develop using only pip
2016-03-10[setup] Added dirspec url to requirementsBruno Wagner
I also added a conditional to the so that python develop can be used even with the dirspec url
2016-03-09[style] pep8Kali Kaneko
2016-02-29[tests] adapt events tests to recent changesKali Kaneko
2016-02-29[feature] reactor-based authenticatorKali Kaneko
We don't really need a thread to make use of the ZAP authenticator. Document bug fix after authenticator thread is gone
2016-02-23[bug] avoid the events server to block twistd daemonKali Kaneko
1. refactor the zmq_connect/bind methods to use the txzmq addEndpoints mechanism, which cleans up the code a bit. it uses the underlying bindOrConnect method. 2. wrap the addEndpoints call in a helper function that ensures that doRead is called afterward. I'm not fully comfortable with us still using the AuthenticatorThread, I believe we could go witha txzmq-based authenticator for curve.
2016-02-22[feature] optional flag to disable curve authenticationKali Kaneko
2016-02-18[feat] Get events working on windowsmeskio on windows
Always use tcp channels and disable curve encryption on the zmq connections. - Closes: #7899, #7239 - Related: #7919
2015-12-07[refactor] reorder and comment eventsKali Kaneko
Reorder blocks of events, and comment about which user-specific info it's being emitted with them.
2015-11-12[style] fix pep8Ruben Pollan
2015-11-11[pkg] migrate changelog to rst and fold in changes0.5.0Ivan Alejandro
Also, convert issues like #1234 to link pointing to issue tracker.
2015-11-11[docs] add next-changelog to changes/Kali Kaneko
2015-11-11[feature] add variable to skip twisted versionKali Kaneko
2015-11-02[pkg] rename extras to 'http'Kali Kaneko
and document the dependencies on the README.
2015-10-28[pkg] fold in changes0.4.4Ivan Alejandro
2015-10-21Workaround for deadlock problem in zmq authFolker Bernitt
- See - Actual root cause not identified yet
2015-10-13[bug] fix typo on dirname usageIvan Alejandro
2015-10-09[bug] fix wrong ca_cert path inside bundleKali Kaneko
-Resolves: #7524
2015-10-07[bug] consider STANDALONE for the pathsIvan Alejandro
Since we need to write a file we have to consider whether we are running in 'standalone' mode or not to use the right path prefix. - Related: #7512
2015-09-22[pkg] fold in changes0.4.3Ivan Alejandro
2015-09-16[refactor] move checking flag to main moduleKali Kaneko
2015-09-16[tests] Make txclient honor flags.EVENTS_ENABLEDFolker Bernitt
- Breaks tests in dependent repos like soledad otherwise, because server.key could not be found
2015-09-15[feat] expose async events in apiKali Kaneko
to make simpler the import of the tx client - Related: #7274
2015-09-09[docs] add downloads badgeKali Kaneko
2015-09-09[docs] fix broken pypi badgeKali Kaneko
2015-08-28[style] pep8 fixesKali Kaneko
2015-08-26[pkg] fold in changes0.4.2Ivan Alejandro
2015-08-17[tests] add pep8/flake8 ignoresKali Kaneko
2015-08-17[style] pep8 fixKali Kaneko
2015-08-17[feature] allow passing callback to http clientdrebs
2015-08-05[feat] WHEELHOUSE can be a url + --use-leap-wheelsParménides GV
--use-leap-wheels sets --trusted-host (remove it when we have a proper cert) and WHEELHOUSE to Until we get ftp.lizard cname, use lizard as the wheels server.
2015-08-04[bug] HTTP timeout was not being cleared on abortBruno Wagner
In case the http client loses connection, it has to clear it's timeout or the reactor will be left in a dirty state Fixing this solves a problem with some of the tests in Soledad that were trying to run on a dirty reactor
2015-08-03[tests] ignore trial temp folderKali Kaneko
2015-08-03[feat] use wheels to install dependenciesParménides GV
generate_wheels uses $WHEELHOUSE to generate and store the wheels for requirements.pip and requirements-testing.pip (if it exists). installs requirements.pip from them if possible (if not, then it fetches them from pypi) or, if passed the --testing flag, it installs requirements-testing.pip.
2015-07-29[docs] remove ref to protobuf from READMEKali Kaneko
we stopped using protobuf after the events submodule refactor