Google summer of code: join us!

Google summer of code: join us!

By: kwadronaut

Last updated on Mar 29, 2022

Join us to improve Bitamsk and RiseupVPN

Google accepted us as an organization for their “Summer of Code.” It’s a world-wide program (check eligibility. Thanks to that, we’re able to invite people to work on discreet pieces that can improve a lot of different parts of the VPN, whether on the platform side, Android App or elsewhere. These contributions would be very helpful and it’s a great possibility to start learning more about this project, code, how and where to use it… One of the playing rules is that you are contributing already. Don’t worry, it’s a low barrier, meaningful bugs, un-merged code: everything counts.

Where do I start?

A very first step, if you haven’t done this yet, is to install the client software, try it out, read up on what the providers try to do. RiseupVPN or Bitmask are a good start to get familiar with it. Afterwards, it’s time to explore the bugtracker, see if there’s something easy to work on, propose something else. You should definitely check out the ideas list and our expectations.

It’s a once in a blue moon opportunity to have Google let you build an ad-blocker!

Image by anhdr