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LEAP Encryption Access Project

LEAP is a non-profit dedicated to giving all internet users access to secure communication. Our focus is on adapting encryption technology to make it easy to use and widely available. More about LEAP »

For Users

We built Bitmask, an open source high security communication application for VPN and encrypted email.

For Providers

We built the LEAP Platform to automate the deployment of a secure service provider infrastructure.

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For Hackers

Got skills? We need them. Fork, contribute, pentest, and patch our software. Always 100% Free/Libre.

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On wireguard

Our VPN is built on top of OpenVPN, a well tested and widely used technology that has been around for almost two decades. As most software with enough history it has grown with a lot of features and code complexity. This is great as it has everything that we need to provide a stable service, but at the same time it brings now and then security issues. The OpenVPN team has been really good at handling them in a timely manner and in LEAP we’ve been lucky to have designed our VPN in a way that prevented us from being affected by most of the ones that have appeared in the last years.

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Packaging in GNU/Linux

We get frequently asked why we don’t do flatpack or appimage or arch packages or… for our VPN. There are many distros and many package managers in GNU/Linux. Sadly our time is limited and we have to decide what we focus our energies on. And currently in GNU/Linux we are focusing our work on snap packages.

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Smack the Virus!

First things first: we’re alive and kicking, staying healthy and physically distant. In fact, we are keeping our physical distance at a minimum of 450kms (that’s 280 miles)!

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Bit by Bitmask: what we're up to and what we've thrown overboard

It’s about time to fess up to our users: our idyllic ship that once sailed in the skies was a beautiful dream, but we all know that ships can’t fly. We’re now back to the basics, not just floating, but sailing. We’ve thrown e-mail and fat clients overboard, for now, and we’re scraping rusty python 2 and Debian oldstable off our hull.

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So long Google Summer of Code!

We’ve enjoyed participating in the Google Summer of Code in the past and will probably do it again in the future. Alas, this year we will not participate in GSoC. Prioritizing ideas, mentoring students and being on top of the organizational aspects all requires time and energy that the current team would like to devote to our core pieces. Even with the talent that wants to dive into this project during their school breaks, time remains limited.

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LEAP Platform 0.10.0 released!

Platform 0.10.0 has been released! This release was made to update of all client-side daemons to newest releases, like Soledad and OpenVPN.

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