New release!

Introducing our latest LEAP VPN “UX 🖤” release, and why we’re so excited about it

We are excited to announce a new release of LEAP VPN. With help from Simple Secure we’ve embraced a user centered development methodology, conducting multiple rounds of prototyping and field testing to create a clean, responsive UX. This release is available on Linux, Mac, Windows, and Android systems and will be available on iOS in 2022. LEAP VPN is the shared code base used by RiseupVPN, CalyxVPN, CodigoSur, Colnodo and Bitmask. Users of these services will get the new UX when their providers update to the latest version of the LEAP VPN clients.

The new UX is already available for RiseupVPN users from the usual locations.

Screenshots for the new ui on the desktop app, on three different states

New Features

  • A fully redesigned user interface, including some lightweight theming mechanism for the different providers.
  • Better gateway selection
  • Faster connection using UDP
  • Message of the day! Providers can now alert you through the application of important news, like when a new release is available.

Coming Soon

We have been working to improve the ability to use LEAP VPN where VPN is blocked. In the coming weeks we will have a new release that integrates two Pluggable Transports: obfs4, and Snowflake - technology that helps bypassing censorship. And of course, we’ll keep on improving the UX based on the feedback of our providers and you all.

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