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2017-07-17[elastic] remove all elastic-related stuffdrebs
2017-07-13[elastic] add support for date rangesdrebs
2017-07-10[elastic] separate cpu and memory graphsdrebs
2017-07-07[elastic] create one dashboard per testdrebs
2017-07-07[elastic] plot results for resources from weaseldrebs
2017-06-21[elastic] remove x-axis labelsdrebs
2017-06-08[elastic] create resources visualizationdrebs
2017-05-05[elastic] double dump panels jsondrebs
2017-05-05[elastic] use multiple mustache templatesdrebs
2017-05-05[elastic] remove inline jsondrebs
2017-04-26Add todos to elastic scriptsvarac
2017-04-20Increment Panel index againvarac
2017-04-18Show sorted tests in dashboard.drebs
2017-04-18Verify generated visualizations are valid JSONs.drebs
2017-04-18Query test names from elasticsearchvarac
2017-04-18Dont use json anymore for test arrayvarac
2017-04-13Finish dashboardvarac
2017-04-13Add dashboard templatevarac
2017-04-13Use functions in generate-config.pyvarac
2017-04-11Generate visualisartions from mustache templatevarac