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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-05-04remove bitmask-dev Dockerfile, its in the project nowMicah Anderson
2017-05-04add patchelf and libusb to make gpg workKali
2017-04-25remove old docker packaging files, these have been replaced byMicah Anderson
2017-04-25move to and Anderson
2017-04-19Add missing deps for soledad docker image.drebs
2017-04-18add soledad dockerfiledrebs
2017-03-18Use right baseimagevarac
2017-03-18Install ssh ed host keysvarac
2017-03-14Use latest sdk versionvarac
2017-03-14Use 25.2.3 sdk tools, remove unwanted stuffvarac
2017-03-14Add android docker imagevarac
2017-03-08Add yakkety_amd64varac
2017-03-08Include universe in sources.listvarac
2017-03-08Install sources.list for yakketyvarac
2017-03-08Add xenial_amd64 ubuntu docker imagevarac
2017-03-08Rename base images, push to 0xacab registryvarac
2017-02-18Added stretch docker imagevarac
2017-02-14Use proper leap-archive-keyring from debianvarac
2017-02-14Update Readmevarac
2017-02-07Replace with againvarac
2017-02-07Replace with pool.sks-keyservers.netvarac
2017-02-07Rename repo to testing-platformvarac
2017-02-01Add LEAP deb platform repo + signing keysvarac
2017-02-01Update how to query latest tagsvarac
2016-12-22Update build instructionsvarac
2016-12-22Do a dist-upgrade for the jessie imagevarac
2016-12-22Add uuid-runtime as bitmask-dev debsvarac
2016-12-22Dont default to unpriv. uservarac
2016-12-22Add e2e test deps to bitmask-dev/Dockerfilevarac
2016-12-22Update READMEvarac
2016-11-18add docker packaging workMicah Anderson
2016-11-02install build-essential to leapcode/ruby to install gems from sourcevarac
2016-10-15added some tools for CI, use unprivileged uservarac
2016-10-15Configure unprivileged cirunner, install sudovarac
2016-10-14base leapcode/ruby on leapcode/jessievarac
2016-10-14leapcode/jessie: Bare debian jessie baseimage with few customisationvarac
2016-10-13v3.0: Use debian:jessie instead of ruby:2.1varac
2016-10-12Add moreutils and expect for ci buildsvarac
2016-10-07add bitmask-dev imagevarac
2016-07-21Added Dockerfile for leapcode/rubyvarac