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We dont use submodules anymore
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-# how to use:
-# put all of this in some directory (eg. /home/micah/bin/ and then do this in the git submodule directory:
-# micah@minnow:~/leap/puppet/modules/apt$ git config alias.xpush "push && /home/micah/bin/"
-# use git xpush for pushing
-# this assumes a couple things:
-# 1. you do the commit in the top level of the submodule (not any subdirectory within)
-# 2. you have no local, uncomitted changes in your superproject when you do any submodule commit
-# exit on any error
-set -e
-# change this variable to your superproject checkout
-submodule_base=`basename $PWD`
-# check out the latest version of the superproject
-# note: this part is fragile, because if you have local, uncomitted changes in your superproject, then this pull will fail
-cd ${superproject}
-git pull
-git submodule update --init
-# check out latest version of submodule
-# according to
-cd ${superproject}/modules/${submodule}
-git remote update
-git merge origin/master
-# commit and push the submodule update commit
-cd ..
-git add $submodule
-git commit -m "automatic update of submodule $submodule_base"
-git push