path: root/lib/puppet/type/vcsrepo.rb
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-09-01Fix bug in ensure => absentNate Butler
2015-12-22Add mirror option for git cloningStrech (Sergey Fedorov)
2015-10-15Fix :false to be default valueHunter Haugen
2015-09-17Merge pull request #262 from webfactory/autorequire-hgDavid Schmitt
2015-09-14Add feature depth and param trust_server_cert to svnmonai
2015-08-15Autorequire Package['mercurial']Matthias Pigulla
2015-04-21Merge pull request #224 from puppet-by-examples/single-branchTP Honey
2015-03-06(MODULES-1551) Add support for SVN conflict handlingDaniel DiSisto
2015-01-29Use branch parameterWłodzimierz Gajda
2015-01-18Merge pull request #218 from dduvnjak/masterAaron Stone
2015-01-18Add submodules feature to git providerdduvnjak
2014-12-26MODULES-1596 - Repository repeatedly destroyed/created with forceMorgan Haskel
2014-06-30Merge pull request #171 from p4paul/masterHunter Haugen
2014-06-26Update noop to workHunter Haugen
2014-06-23Added support for p4config.Paul Allen
2014-06-20Add support for passing password/ticketPaul Allen
2014-06-20Basic Perforce providerPaul Allen
2014-06-02(MODULES-1014) Adding noop mode optionPeter Souter
2014-05-13Fix issue where force=>true was not destroying repository then recreatingTravis Fields
2014-01-07Add the option to shallow clones with gitFelipe Reyes
2013-10-20Add autorequire for Package['git']Reid Vandewiele
2013-07-19WhitespaceAaron Stone
2013-07-19WhitespaceAaron Stone
2013-07-19Allow for setting the CVS_RSH environment variableMatthias Pigulla
2013-07-17Adding svn configuration parameter, and docszane
2013-07-13WhitespaceAaron Stone
2012-10-19Revert pull request #27 until it comes with unit tests.0.1.1Aaron Stone
2012-10-18Merge pull request #30 from ghoneycutt/noticket/master/inappropriate_whitespaceGary Larizza
2012-08-29Removes trailing whitespaceGarrett Honeycutt
2012-07-03Add default user to run git as.Cody Herriges
2012-06-29Run git operations as a specific user (puppetlabs ticket 4773), added ssh opt...Eric Hayes
2012-05-23Merge pull request #24 from jesusaurus/feature/gitJames Turnbull
2012-05-13Add the ability to specify a git remoteJesusaurus
2012-02-26don't recreate bare repo if it exists already (fixes #12303)Andreas Gerstmayr
2011-11-26Merge pull request #14 from webfactory/fix_10788James Turnbull
2011-11-12Fix (#10788) - Avoid unnecessary remote operations in the vcsrepo typeMatthias Pigulla
2011-11-11Fix (#10751) by adding a new "module" parameter for the CVS providerMatthias Pigulla
2011-08-18Forgot to add the parameters to the type definition.Justin Ellison
2011-07-27Add an identity param, respected by the git provider, to use a non-standard s...Nate Mueller
2011-06-03Fix #7534: provider.revision should not get called when repo doesn't exist.Marc Fournier
2010-09-13new features for vcsrepo.Brett Lentz
2010-08-20Take into account :latest status in git providerAleksey Lim
2010-07-22When ensure => latest, svn didn't update.mikeknox
2010-03-15ensure = latest to support reference tracking.\n\nWorking with tags, more wor...Bruce Williams
2010-03-14filesystem_type feature (for svn's --fstype)Bruce Williams
2010-03-14Since we're overriding retrieve anyhow, make all the values for ensure explicitBruce Williams
2010-03-14Make gzip compression and bare repositories explicit featuresBruce Williams
2010-03-13Basic CVS supportBruce Williams
2010-03-13Some fixes after live testing, add support for bare cloned reposBruce Williams
2010-03-13Convert bare repos to working copy repos and vice-versaBruce Williams