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2016-08-25Update modulesync_config [0d59329]David Schmitt
2016-06-30{maint} modulesync 0794b2ctphoney
2016-02-16(FM-4046) Update to current msync configs [006831f]David Schmitt
2016-01-27(FM-4049) Update to current msync configs [2c99161]David Schmitt
2014-05-27Fix logic to validate keyfileJohn Duarte
2014-05-27Add optional keyfile argument to rake tasksJohn Duarte
2014-05-21Adjust Rake tasks for beaker testingJohn Duarte
2014-05-16Add rake tasks to test both beaker and beaker-rspec in one goTravis Fields
2013-09-18Overhaul the spec tests to work in rspec2.Ashley Penney
2010-03-13Add Rakefile for the non-autotest inclinedBruce Williams