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2016-09-28Merge remote-tracking branch 'puppetlabs/master'HEADmastervarac
2016-09-15Merge pull request #296 from puppetlabs/releaseDavid Schmitt
Release - 1.4.0 mergeback
2016-09-06Merge pull request #295 from gguillotte/140-docs-signoffEric Putnam
(FM-5559) Readme and changelog edits for signoff
2016-09-06(FM-5559) Readme and changelog edits for signoff.Garrett Guillotte
- Added missing Debian 8 and Ubuntu 16.04 platforms to the readme. - Standardized/reverted line ending characters throughout the readme. - Added `puppet` syntax highlighting to code blocks. - Aligned hash rocket in Puppet code blocks. - Standardized spacing between heading Markdown and text. - Standardized sentence case on headings. - Updated section targets in Perforce docs links. - Fixed a broken link to the Mercurial docs. - Updated URLs to - Updated Puppet Labs references to Puppet Inc. - Updated a Projects wiki link to the docs site. - Added dates to the 1.4.0 and 1.3.2 releases on the changelog.
2016-09-02Merge pull request #293 from butlern/masterEric Putnam
Fix bug in ensure => absent
2016-09-02Merge pull request #294 from eputnam/release_prepBryan Jen
(FM-5556) release prep for 1.4.0
2016-09-02release prep for 1.4.0Eric Putnam
2016-09-01Fix bug in ensure => absentNate Butler
The insync? method wasn't accounting for a condition where the state was absent and the desired state was absent. This manifest itself in puppet runs that would constantly output the following after setting ensure => absent. 2016-09-01T16:39:27.314283+00:00 vcstest puppet-agent[1161]: (/Stage[main]/Main/Node[vcstest]/Vcsrepo[/home/vagrant/test]/ensure) created 2016-09-01T16:40:22.583125+00:00 vcstest puppet-agent[1727]: (/Stage[main]/Main/Node[vcstest]/Vcsrepo[/home/vagrant/test]/ensure) created 2016-09-01T16:41:04.031750+00:00 vcstest puppet-agent[2267]: (/Stage[main]/Main/Node[vcstest]/Vcsrepo[/home/vagrant/test]/ensure) created 2016-09-01T16:42:51.779816+00:00 vcstest puppet-agent[2911]: (/Stage[main]/Main/Node[vcstest]/Vcsrepo[/home/vagrant/test]/ensure) created 2016-09-01T16:43:42.189035+00:00 vcstest puppet-agent[3466]: (/Stage[main]/Main/Node[vcstest]/Vcsrepo[/home/vagrant/test]/ensure) created I added unit tests for the vcsrepo type and then fixed the code.
2016-08-30Merge pull request #292 from puppetlabs/modulesyncTP Honey
Update modulesync_config [a3fe424]
2016-08-26Update modulesync_config [a3fe424]David Schmitt
2016-08-25Merge pull request #291 from puppetlabs/modulesyncEric Putnam
Update modulesync_config [0d59329]
2016-08-25Update modulesync_config [0d59329]David Schmitt
2016-07-30Merge pull request #290 from puppetlabs/update-modulesyncDavid Schmitt
(MAINT) Update for modulesync_config 72d19f184
2016-07-27(MAINT) Update for modulesync_config 72d19f184David Schmitt
2016-07-13Merge pull request #289 from DavidS/modulesyncTP Honey
(MODULES-3581) modulesync [067d08a]
2016-07-08(MODULES-3581) modulesync [067d08a]David Schmitt
2016-07-01Merge pull request #288 from puppetlabs/modulesyncDavid Schmitt
{maint} modulesync 0794b2c
2016-06-30{maint} modulesync 0794b2ctphoney
2016-04-19Merge pull request #287 from puppetlabs/update-msyncGreg Hardy
Update to newest modulesync_configs [9ca280f]
2016-04-18Update to newest modulesync_configs [9ca280f]David Schmitt
2016-03-24Merge pull request #284 from lazyfrosch/stderrHunter Haugen
Bring stderr output to the Puppet visible output
2016-02-23Merge branch 'master' of
2016-02-17Merge pull request #286 from DavidS/debian-8-supportHelen
Update metadata to note Debian 8 support
2016-02-17Update metadata to note Debian 8 supportDavid Schmitt
2016-02-16Merge pull request #285 from DavidS/fm-4046-update-msyncTP Honey
(FM-4046) Update to current msync configs [006831f]
2016-02-16(FM-4046) Update to current msync configs [006831f]David Schmitt
This moves all copyright statements to the NOTICE file in accordance with the ASFs guidelines on applying the Apache-2.0 license.
2016-02-16Bring stderr output to the Puppet visible outputMarkus Frosch
2016-02-10Merge pull request #282 from Strech/masterBryan Jen
Add mirror option for git cloning
2016-01-27Merge pull request #283 from DavidS/fm-4049-update-msyncHunter Haugen
(FM-4049) update to modulesync_configs
2016-01-27(FM-4049) Update to current msync configs [2c99161]David Schmitt
2015-12-22Add mirror option for git cloningStrech (Sergey Fedorov)
Example: vcsrepo { '/path/to/repo': ensure => mirror, provider => git, source => 'git://', }
2015-12-16Merge pull request #277 from godlikeachilles/masterBryan Jen
fix branch existence determintaion functionality
2015-12-08Merge pull request #281 from puppetlabs/1.3.xJT (Jonny)
1.3.x mergeback
2015-12-04Merge pull request #280 from bmjen/fix-changelogMorgan Rhodes
(maint) Another update to the CHANGELOG
2015-12-04(maint) Another update to the CHANGELOGBryan Jen
2015-12-04Merge pull request #278 from bmjen/fix-changelogJesse Lovelace
(maint) Update ordering in CHANGELOG
2015-12-04(maint) Update ordering in CHANGELOGBryan Jen
2015-12-02fix branch existence determintaion functionalitygodlikeachilles
this will stop failing in case there is a tag which is a substring of an existing branch name. for example if there is a tag 'release' and a branch 'release/integration' current code will match 'release/integration' with pattern 'release' and decide that a branch checkout is needed. but release branch does not exist so it will fail. this simple fix resolves the issue.
2015-11-24Merge pull request #276 from HelenCampbell/release1.3.2Bryan Jen
Ankeny release for 1.3.2
2015-11-24Ankeny release for 1.3.2Helen Campbell
2015-10-16Merge pull request #273 from hunner/fix_trustcertBryan Jen
Fix :false to be default value
2015-10-15Fix :false to be default valueHunter Haugen
false is not a valid value; only :false is.
2015-09-17Merge pull request #262 from webfactory/autorequire-hgDavid Schmitt
Autorequire Package['mercurial']
2015-09-17Merge pull request #272 from tphoney/dos2unix_readmeHunter Haugen
dos2unix the readme
2015-09-17dos2unix the readmetphoney
2015-09-14Merge pull request #269 from monai/developBryan Jen
Add feature 'depth' and parameter 'trust_server_cert' to svn
2015-09-14Add feature depth and param trust_server_cert to svnmonai
added param trust server cert updated depth feature updated README.markdown trust_server_cert is not feature trust_server_cert default value should be false add test for depth and trust_server_cert
2015-09-01Merge pull request #257 from alexmv/masterDavid Schmitt
Explitly unset SSH_AUTH_SOCK; it is preferred to the -i flag
2015-08-28Merge pull request #266 from ↵David Schmitt
puppet-by-examples/example-shallow-clone-with-just-one-commit Example how to create a shallow clone with just one commit
2015-08-26Example how to create a shallow clone with just one commitWłodzimierz Gajda