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2015-08-25Merge pull request #265 from mhaskel/MODULES-1232Hunter Haugen
MODULES-1232 Make sure HOME is set correctly
2015-08-25MODULES-1232 Make sure HOME is set correctlyMorgan Haskel
2015-08-25Remove 2.7 from travis matrixMorgan Haskel
I believe 2.7 in the matrix is an error, this module has never claimed support for 2.7 and 2.7 currently doesn't work (though fails in places that are not unit tested)
2015-08-20Merge pull request #264 from hunner/fix_hangMorgan Haskel
Fix acceptance hang
2015-08-20Fix acceptance hangHunter Haugen
The ssh-keygen is waiting for a 'y' to confirm overwrite, and the test hangs.
2015-08-17Merge pull request #263 from mhaskel/MODULES-2326Bryan Jen
MODULES-2326 - Run Regexp.escape on the source URL
2015-08-17MODULES-2326 - Run Regexp.escape on the source URLMorgan Haskel
The URL can have special characters, making the regex match fail.
2015-08-15Autorequire Package['mercurial']Matthias Pigulla
Along the lines of 2b190756260346931b8f9a0dda8afc0c815710d6, if the Mercurial package is being managed, it stands to reason that the Mercurial package should be installed before trying to potentially manage Mercurial repositories using vcsrepo resources. This commit adds an autorequire to the vcsrepo type that reflects the above premise.
2015-08-14Merge pull request #261 from mhaskel/MODULES-2125Bryan Jen
MODULES-2125 - Allow revision to be passed without source
2015-08-14MODULES-2125 - Allow revision to be passed without sourceMorgan Haskel
Will also work with empty repositories.
2015-08-04Merge pull request #260 from mhaskel/MODULES-1800Bryan Jen
MODULES-1800 - fix case where ensure => latest and no revision specified
2015-08-03MODULES-1800 - fix case where ensure => latest and no revision specifiedMorgan Haskel
This would explode when revision was unspecified when you were on a branch. Use the branch you're currently on when updating.
2015-07-30Merge pull request #259 from mhaskel/merge_1.3.x_to_masterBryan Jen
Merge 1.3.x to master
2015-07-24Merge pull request #258 from mhaskel/1.3.1-prepHunter Haugen
1.3.1 prep
2015-07-241.3.1 prepMorgan Haskel
2015-07-22Explitly unset SSH_AUTH_SOCK; it is preferred to the -i flagAlex Vandiver
Even if the -i flag is explicitly passed via the command line, openssh ignores the identity file if an socket exists to an SSH authentication agent. In cases where puppet has been configured to use an explicit identity file, altering behavior based on the calling environment of puppet violates the principle of least surprise, and can lead to inconsistent deployments. Work around this odd corner case of ssh by explicitly unsetting SSH_AUTH_SOCK inside the ssh wrapper.
2015-06-30Merge pull request #256 from keeleysam/masterHunter Haugen
fix for detached HEAD on git 2.4+
2015-06-29fix for detached HEAD on git 2.4+Samuel Keeley
2015-06-29Merge pull request #242 from BillWeiss/bump-ssl-expiryHunter Haugen
Make sure the embedded SSL cert doesn't expire
2015-06-22Merge pull request #255 from jonnytpuppet/depth_fixDavid Schmitt
MODULES-2131 Git provider now takes account of revision property when using depth property.
2015-06-22MODULES-2131 Git provider now takes account of revision property when using ↵Jonathan Tripathy
depth property.
2015-06-19Merge pull request #252 from DavidS/add-https-clone-testJT (Jonny)
acceptance: Add a test verifying anonymous https cloning
2015-06-15Merge pull request #254 from hunner/add_helperBryan Jen
Add helper to install puppet/pe/puppet-agent
2015-06-11Add helper to install puppet/pe/puppet-agentHunter Haugen
2015-06-09Merge pull request #253 from justinstoller/maint/master/set-puppet-versionHunter Haugen
(maint) allow setting PUPPET_VERSION in acceptance
2015-06-08(maint) allow setting PUPPET_VERSION in acceptanceJustin Stoller
2015-05-29acceptance: Add a test verifying anonymous https cloningDavid Schmitt
In MODULES-891 the question arose whether https sources are supported. This test shows that it works.
2015-05-28Merge pull request #232 from netors/masterDavid Schmitt
Consider the submodules flag on specific revision cloning
2015-05-27Add ability to unittest puppet 4Hunter Haugen
2015-05-21Merge pull request #251 from mhaskel/merge_1.3.x_to_masterBryan Jen
Merge 1.3.x to master
2015-05-18Merge branch 'psoloway-readme' into 1.3.xMorgan Haskel
2015-05-18Last-minute README correctionsPete Soloway
* Corrected the list of supported platforms under Limitations * Spelled “revision spec” instead of “revisionspec”.
2015-05-13Merge pull request #249 from hunner/release_1.3.0Morgan Haskel
Release 1.3.0
2015-05-13Release 1.3.0Hunter Haugen
2015-05-13Merge pull request #246 from psoloway/readmeHunter Haugen
Update README per DOC-1501
2015-05-13Merge pull request #248 from hunner/fix_tmpMorgan Haskel
(MODULES-821) Don't use /tmp
2015-05-13(MODULES-821) Don't use /tmpHunter Haugen
Very often /tmp is mounted noexec for security reasons related to it being writable by all users. This stopped vcsrepo's git provider from working. This pull request uses puppet's statedir as it is not writable by all users and is a good candidate for transient state like the git provider's identity script for the $GIT_SSH command. An alternative in the future that wouldn't require a temporary file is to set $GIT_SSH_COMMAND instead of $GIT_SSH, except this was added in git 2.3 and is too new to depend on.
2015-05-07Merge pull request #247 from puppetlabs/modulesync_updatesTravis Fields
Modulesync updates
2015-05-06beaker gemfile fixesMorgan Haskel
2015-05-06sync via modulesyncMorgan Haskel
2015-05-06sync via modulesyncMorgan Haskel
2015-04-22Merge pull request #241 from tykeal/masterTP Honey
Clean up puppet lint warnings
2015-04-22Merge pull request #237 from cmurphy/rspec-puppet-2TP Honey
Testing updates
2015-04-21Merge upstream changes into readme branchPete Soloway
2015-04-21Update README per DOC-1501Pete Soloway
1. Remove any "what this affects" sections, except where particularly warranted. 2. Make sure that for each parameter, where applicable, there is a data type and a default value. 3. Make sure that for each parameter that's applicable, there is a note if the parameter is optional. 4. Make sure the links in the README work and are accurate. 5. Update the link in the Contributing section to point here: 6. General copyediting.
2015-04-21Merge pull request #224 from puppet-by-examples/single-branchTP Honey
Shallow clone with one commit that corresponds to arbitrary tag from arbitrary branch
2015-04-16Merge pull request #243 from rnelson0/quotesMorgan Haskel
Enforce the style guide's recommendation of single quotes as the default.
2015-04-14Enforce the style guide's recommendation of single quotes as the default.Rob Nelson
2015-04-08Just bumping the expiration date...Bill Weiss
2015-04-06Clean up puppet lint warningsAndrew Grimberg
There were puppet lint warnings due to indentation in several examples. This commit cleans up the warnings. Signed-off-by: Andrew Grimberg <>