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2010-07-15fixing weird class setupmh
2010-07-01merge with lavamindmh
2010-06-05fix dependency cyclemh
2010-05-22check status over pidfilemh
2010-05-22this package is not anymore needed on latest openbsdmh
2010-05-22for new openbsd releases we can finally use a packagemh
2010-05-14refactor register class and client templateJerome Charaoui
2010-05-13remove tabs and trailing whitespaces in manifestsJerome Charaoui
2010-05-13Merge branch 'master' of git:// Charaoui
2010-05-09adjust module_dirmh
2010-04-07add ability to register a non-puppet-managed munin nodeJerome Charaoui
2010-02-01remove nagios plugin, now provided by nagios moduleJerome Charaoui
2010-02-01remove outdated and undesirable apt_all plugin on debian systems which trigge...Jerome Charaoui
2009-12-10adapt module_dir to new common module and create 'munin' base class to provid...Jerome Charaoui
2009-12-09modify nagios plugin to work with nagios2 and nagios3Jerome Charaoui
2009-11-14fix typomh
2009-11-14modules prefix pathmh
2009-11-14update file paths to 0.25.x stylemh
2009-11-14use correct pathmh
2009-11-02change pending module file resources to new 0.25 stylemh
2009-11-02recursivly updating file path to new 0.25 stylemh
2009-10-30switch to new lsb waymh
2009-10-03add some xen munin pluginsmh
2009-10-03adjust definemh
2009-09-29correctly include the right client classmh
2009-09-29include client stuffmh
2009-09-29fixed typomh
2009-09-29put file at correct locationmh
2009-09-29fixed typomh
2009-09-29put file at correct locationmh
2009-09-29refactor everything into its own filemh
2009-09-29add shorewall rulesmh
2009-06-02merged with immerdaMarcel Haerry
2009-06-02Merge commit 'origin/master'mh
2009-06-02don't require the exec, as the require is exported as wellMarcel Haerry
2009-06-02do not delete snmp pluginsMarcel Haerry
2009-06-02revert globbing problemMarcel Haerry
2009-06-02don't delete snmp pluginsMarcel Haerry
2009-06-02finally implemented snmp clientMarcel Haerry
2009-06-01fix typomh
2009-06-01add cronjob to kill hanging munin-runsmh
2009-04-15don't require the exec, as the require is exported as wellMarcel Haerry
2009-04-15do not delete snmp pluginsMarcel Haerry
2009-04-15revert globbing problemMarcel Haerry
2009-04-15don't delete snmp pluginsMarcel Haerry
2009-04-15finally implemented snmp clientMarcel Haerry
2009-03-02added munin logfile cleanup cronmh
2009-02-21some intendation clean upsmh
2009-02-21removed debug codemh
2008-10-10openbsd uses if_errcoll: pluginmh