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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-06-07Remove old unused files againVarac
2017-06-01Revert "Remove old unused files"Tayane Fernandes
2017-05-29Remove old unused filesvarac
2017-01-04Simplified service ./go to call make directlyBruno Wagner
2017-01-03Moved bower install to npm post_installBruno Wagner
2017-01-03Go script is now using make to ease the transitionBruno Wagner
2016-12-08Revert "[#801] Merge branch 'signup'"Roald de Vries
2016-12-06wipe python packages that already exist on reinstallationRoald de Vries
2016-12-02Finish first smoke testTulio Casagrande
2016-11-23more verbose test outputRoald de Vries
2016-11-04make integration tests pass on Mac OS XRoald de Vries
2016-09-26cleaning pyc files before running testsNavaL
2016-04-06Revert "use a locale that is always available and supports UTF-8"Christoph Kluenter
2016-04-06Revert "use a working utf-8 locale in more places"Christoph Kluenter
2016-04-06use a working utf-8 locale in more placesChristoph Kluenter
2016-04-06use a locale that is always available and supports UTF-8Christoph Kluenter
2016-01-22Remove zmq folder before running testsFolker Bernitt
2016-01-08Added c flag so pycryptopp compiles in OSXBruno Wagner
2016-01-04Rename develop_requirements.txt to requirements.txtFolker Bernitt
2015-12-28Dev requirements now use u1db and dirspec from launchpad, vagrant needs bazaa...Bruno Wagner
2015-10-12Remove zmq server.key before unit tests are runFolker Bernitt
2015-09-21Fixes coverage report errorGiovane
2015-08-11reenabled parallelism on integration testsVictor Shyba
2015-08-11reinstall to latest gnupg on go scriptVictor Shyba
2015-08-11Install develop HEAD dependencies on ./go setup.Folker Bernitt
2015-08-11Run integration tests sequentially.Folker Bernitt
2015-04-13Added call of pep8 and jshit in when passing coverage_all parameter toTiago Ferraz
2015-03-30Added command to execute functional testsTiago Ferraz
2015-03-23-e will not run on all the steps anymoreBruno Wagner
2015-03-23The whole go script runs with -e now, this will make it break when it breaksBruno Wagner
2015-03-09Don't run jshint when running python testsAlexandre Pretto Nunes
2015-03-09Make test suite stop if any test brakeAlexandre Pretto Nunes
2015-02-12Adding Coverage Commands to service/goTiago Ferraz
2015-02-11General RefactoringTiago Ferraz
2015-02-10Fixed identation on the go scriptBruno Wagner
2015-02-04Fixing setupjsNeissi Torres Lima
2015-02-03Auto-detecting the number of cores to run integration tests in parallelDuda Dornelles
2015-01-29Fixed typo in gnupg package hackBruno Wagner
2015-01-28Added pip commands to uninstall and install right version for gnupg and scryptJefferson Stachelski
2015-01-22 #224 using text reporter for trial - it is the same as the old nosetests rep...Pixpoa pairing
2015-01-22 #224 moving to trial as test runnerPixpoa pairing
2015-01-21Added -w because nosetests was thinking we wanted to run all the testsBruno Wagner
2015-01-20Fixed the arguments passing of the go script, setup with always unzip was not...Bruno Wagner
2015-01-14Removed requirements (we are back to using again) and changed go to ...Bruno Wagner
2015-01-12Added jshint to the go testBruno Wagner
2015-01-09#164 sometimes a mail with more than one alternative will not have an html partDuda Dornelles
2015-01-08Make it easier to run unit, integration and pep8 testsAlexandre Pretto
2015-01-06Npm build already runs cleanBruno Wagner
2015-01-06Nose --no-capture was spilling garbage over the testsBruno Wagner
2015-01-06Service ./go has some new tricksBruno Wagner