path: root/provisioning/modules/pixelated
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-05-24Use "make install" to install useragent from sourcevarac
2017-05-24Remove pixelated apt repo and deb vagrant boxvarac
2017-05-12Fixes compass watch commandAnike Arni
2017-05-09Add rule to change to vagrant folder on loginTulio Casagrande
2017-05-09Change chromedriver to latest versionTulio Casagrande
2017-04-26Sets specific chromedriver and chromium versions to be compatible with testsThais Siqueira
2017-02-27Fix fetching of pixelated apt keyvarac
2017-02-27Remove old spt keysvarac
2017-02-27Remove things already present in LEAP/jessie boxvarac
2017-02-17[#907] Add chromedriver to vagrant for functional testsTulio Casagrande
2017-01-20Removes old virutalenv that is no longer being usedAnike Arni
2016-12-07Fix out of memory errors and problems with older node versions that stopped v...Ola Bini
2016-10-19Add libsqlcipher-dev to vagrant dependenciesTulio Casagrande
2016-07-14set NODE_PATH in shellChristoph Kluenter
2016-06-30Implement nodejs provisioning based on package mnagingCaio Carrara
2016-05-18use leap 0.9 deb repovarac
2016-02-11don't update venv on every login shellvarac
2016-02-09Refactor vagrant provisioning scriptsvarac
2016-02-08Install npm from debian package archivevarac
2016-02-08also use for jessie-backportsvarac
2016-02-08Install virtualenv, install compass as .debvarac
2016-02-04fix installation of useragent deb packagevarac
2016-02-04update LEAP archive signing keyvarac
2016-01-06Add nodejs_legacy package for required node symlinkFelix Hammerl
2016-01-04Changed wheezy backports to jessieBruno Wagner
2015-12-28Dev requirements now use u1db and dirspec from launchpad, vagrant needs bazaa...Bruno Wagner
2015-10-29update key used for downloading our packagesChristoph Kluenter
2015-08-20Upgrade pip and setuptools when logging into the dev boxkaeff
2015-05-07added build-essential package to source provisioningvarac
2015-04-28Updated user agent vagrant to run on JessieBruno Wagner
2015-04-28Activate custom modules now uses the correct setupBruno Wagner
2015-02-12Bower always uses node_modules and added LC_ALL for the compass compile to workBruno Wagner
2015-02-12Use wheezy for vagrant source box #272varac
2015-02-11(Re-)added auto setup of vagrant ssh.Folker Bernitt
2015-02-10for #282 not running ./go setup as part of activate_custom_node_modulesDuda Dornelles
2015-02-10Depend on python-requests from wheezy-backports #279varac
2015-02-10moved wheezy-backports sources to dedicated file, see #278varac
2015-02-09#278 adding wheezy-backports repo to deb vagrant sources listDuda Dornelles
2015-02-09Fix debian package dependencies in Vagrant deb box when using wheezy #278Patrick Maia
2015-02-05#270 Added the debian backport for use the last version of python-sqlcipherJefferson
2015-02-04updated leap_archive_keyvarac
2015-02-04Fixing setupjsNeissi Torres Lima
2015-01-29source correct virtualenvChristoph Kluenter
2015-01-29run some more stuff on first loginChristoph Kluenter
2015-01-29run setup py on loginChristoph Kluenter
2015-01-29Issue #252: Now correct node_modules gets deleted and phantomjs is installed.Folker Bernitt
2015-01-28Issue #252: Node modules are now installed in the box.Folker Bernitt
2015-01-28make the vagrant box smallerChristoph Kluenter
2015-01-26install haveged to have more entropyChristoph Kluenter
2015-01-23for #244, use /bin/activate on sourceVictor Shyba