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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-06-01Revert "Remove leftover files/"Tayane Fernandes
2017-05-24Remove leftover files/activate_custom_node_modules.shvarac
2017-05-09Add rule to change to vagrant folder on loginTulio Casagrande
2015-08-20Upgrade pip and setuptools when logging into the dev boxkaeff
2015-04-28Activate custom modules now uses the correct setupBruno Wagner
2015-02-12Bower always uses node_modules and added LC_ALL for the compass compile to workBruno Wagner
2015-02-11(Re-)added auto setup of vagrant ssh.Folker Bernitt
2015-02-10for #282 not running ./go setup as part of activate_custom_node_modulesDuda Dornelles
2015-02-04Fixing setupjsNeissi Torres Lima
2015-01-29source correct virtualenvChristoph Kluenter
2015-01-29run some more stuff on first loginChristoph Kluenter
2015-01-29run setup py on loginChristoph Kluenter
2015-01-28Issue #252: Node modules are now installed in the box.Folker Bernitt