AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2017-05-10Clarify instructions for the local provider installationTulio Casagrande
2017-05-10Update development installation instructionsTulio Casagrande
2017-05-10Remove dockerfileSriram Viswanathan
2017-05-10Revert "Trigger Docker build"Sriram Viswanathan
This reverts commit 0c7950d02e7bbc4aca0cd8141a1345f63f9b7783.
2017-05-10Remove a unused provider urlTayane Fernandes
2017-05-10Remove a unused provider urlTayane Fernandes
2017-05-10Update ReadmeTayane Fernandes
2017-05-10Add the Single User vs Multi User page linkTayane Fernandes
2017-05-10Extrated Multi user mode sessionTayane Fernandes
2017-05-10Extrated Developer Setup On Native OS sessionTayane Fernandes
2017-05-09Add 'start development page' in the READMETayane Fernandes
with @thaissiqueira
2017-05-09Add rule to change to vagrant folder on loginTulio Casagrande
2017-05-09Change chromedriver to latest versionTulio Casagrande
2017-05-08Update development installation instructionsTulio Casagrande
2017-05-08Updating readmeTayane Fernandes
with @thaissiqueira
2017-05-08Update CONTRIBUTING.mdTayane Fernandes
2017-05-05Updates email contact in CONTRIBUTING.mdAnike Arni
2017-05-03Trigger Docker buildSriram Viswanathan
2017-05-02Updated component diagramSriram Viswanathan
2017-05-02Removes "try it out" section from READMEAnike Arni
2017-05-02Changes link to translations instructionsAnike Arni
2017-05-02Removes references to team's way of working and moves translations to wikiAnike Arni
2017-05-02Resize images for css wiki pageTayane Fernandes
2017-05-02Add images to CSS wiki pageTayane Fernandes
2017-04-27Pixelated component diagram using draw.ioSriram Viswanathan
2017-04-27Pixelate component diagramSriram Viswanathan
2017-04-27Remove old architecture diagramSriram Viswanathan
2017-04-27Updated component diagramSriram Viswanathan
2017-04-27Adding link to 'Running Tests' wiki on readmethaissiqueira
2017-04-27Fixes indentation on CONTRIBUTING.mdAnike Arni
2017-04-27Removes the as it was moved to wikiAnike Arni
Now resides in:
2017-04-27Updates CONTRIBUTING.mdAnike Arni
2017-04-27Fixes link for contribuitingAnike Arni
2017-04-27Removes continuous integration section from READMEAnike Arni
2017-04-27Deletes maintenance doc as it's now in the wikiAnike Arni
2017-04-26Sets specific chromedriver and chromium versions to be compatible with testsThais Siqueira
with @tayanefernandes
2017-04-26Pixelated Architecture DiagramSriram Viswanathan
2017-04-26Merge pull request #1065 from pixelated/diagram-account-recoveryAnike Arni
Updated 'Forgot Password' diagram
2017-04-26Fix recovery code mail functional testThais Siqueira
with @tayanefernandes
2017-04-26Includes logout after scenariosThais Siqueira
with @tayanefernandes
2017-04-26Adds step do run smoke testsThais Siqueira
with @tayanefernandes
2017-04-26Adds account recovery gif to docAnike Arni
2017-04-24Merge pull request #1063 from pixelated/logout_refreshTayane Fernandes
Logout refresh
2017-04-24Refresh before logout on functional testsSriram Viswanathan
2017-04-24Fix javascript console errorsSriram Viswanathan
2017-04-20Merge pull request #1058 from pixelated/recovery-code-email-templateAnike Arni
[#927] Uses internal email date method for consistency
2017-04-20[#927] Uses internal email date method for consistencyAnike Arni
with @deniscostadsc
2017-04-20Merge pull request #1056 from pixelated/recovery-code-email-templateAnike Arni
Recovery code email translations and formatting
2017-04-20[#927] Sets default language to en-USAnike Arni
with @deniscostadsc
2017-04-20[#927] Calls the public method intead of private one on testAnike Arni
with @deniscostadsc