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* Quality Assurance: While every software change should be covered by automated tests, there are certain types of errors that are best spotted by a human.
* Documentation: Feedback & improvements of our guides & tutorial copywritings.
* Security review
+* Design: We have some issues which needs prototypes. You can contribute with sketches, wireframes, etc. See the [issues labeled 'Needs Prototype'](
* Translations
## I think I might be able to hack together a quick-and-dirty lo-fi solution for the issue I’m working with… what do I do?
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You are most welcome to contribute to the pixelated user agent code base. Please have a look at the [contributions how to](
+If you want to contribute as a designer or XD, see the [issues labeled 'Needs Prototype'](
## Installing Pixelated as a Service
To run your own instance of Pixelated, follow these instructions: