AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-06-07remove jessie, zesty, add bionicmasterMicah Anderson
2017-11-22[pkg] fix changelog timestampKali Kaneko
2017-11-22[pkg] update changelog0.6.3Kali Kaneko
2017-11-13[pkg] downgrade pyzmq version requirementdrebs
2017-10-30[pkg] build leap-common for sid tooKali Kaneko
2017-10-26remove platform packages for unsupported distributionsMicah Anderson
2017-10-26Update Standards-Version to 4.1.1Varac
2017-10-26Build ubuntu artful packageVarac
2017-10-03[pkg] fix url to archived tagsKali Kaneko
2017-09-29[pkg] bump debian changelog to Kaneko
2017-09-29[docs] add twisted compat bugfix to changelogKali Kaneko
2017-09-29[bug] _HTTP11ClientFactory constructor has changed in twistedRuben Pollan
2017-09-27[pkg] bump changelog to Kaneko
2017-09-20[style] pep8 and changelogKali Kaneko
2017-09-20[bug] add proper formatting for mtimeKali Kaneko
2017-09-20Build package for debian busterVarac
2017-08-28Build pacage for ubuntu zestyVarac
2017-07-18raise if nonexisting pathKali Kaneko
2017-07-18[bug] remove unneeded importsKali Kaneko
2017-07-14[pkg] add makefile for uploading pkgKali Kaneko
2017-07-14[pkg] bump changelog0.6.0Kali Kaneko
2017-07-14[docs] add note about refactorKali Kaneko
2017-07-14[pkg] add certifi as a dependencyKali Kaneko
2017-07-14[tests] add e2e test for tls verificationKali Kaneko
2017-07-14[tests] move all tests to unit testsKali Kaneko
2017-07-14[refactor] remove heuristic to check for usable platformRootKali Kaneko
2017-07-11[feat] add fallback on trust sources for ssl verificationKali Kaneko
2017-07-08[feat] update the certificate bundleKali Kaneko
2017-07-08[docs] update changelogKali Kaneko
2017-06-26[pkg] install pyinit file, since this is the common fileKali Kaneko
2017-06-22Skip failing Ubuntu package buildsVarac
2017-06-20Upload packages to multiple deb reposVarac
2017-06-16Add dh-python to build-dependsVarac
2017-04-20[feature] add bonafide auth event0.5.5Kali Kaneko
2017-03-17[pkg] Remove unused files/changesvarac
2017-03-17[pkg] Package for ubuntu 16.10 (yakkety)varac
2017-03-17[pkg] Revert "Use Standards-Version: 3.9.7 so xenial can lint it"varac
2017-03-17[pkg] Use Standards-Version: 3.9.7 so xenial can lint itvarac
2017-03-17[pkg] Try packaging for xenialvarac
2017-03-17[pkg] Run test stage at beginning of pipelinevarac
2017-03-17[pkg] Use test_jessie_amd64 for testingvarac
2017-03-17[pkg] Lintian default vars now in gitlab-buildpackagevarac
2017-03-17[pkg] Package for jessie and stretchvarac
2017-03-17[pkg] remove dependency to python-zmq>=14.4.1-1.1 from debian/control as wellvarac
2017-03-17[docs] add changelog for Kaneko
2017-03-17[feat] add VPN_STATUS_CHANGED eventRuben Pollan
2017-03-15[refactor] Improve python3 compatibilityefkin
2017-03-13[pkg] add changelog for Kaneko
2017-03-13[feat] add MAIL_STATUS_CHANGED eventRuben Pollan
2016-09-20Merge tag '0.5.2'Kali Kaneko