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2015-05-13update soledad storage secret docHEADmasterdrebs
2015-05-12add information about how to disable nfs folder supportMicah Anderson
2015-02-23Deprecate this repo for leap_se.Ivan Alejandro
2015-02-03added platform environments pageelijah
2015-01-29fixed urlsvarac
2015-01-27add information about how the monitor service must be on the webappMicah Anderson
2015-01-07updated quick start guide to clone leap_platform beforevarac
2015-01-06added section 'Verify vagrantbox download'varac
2015-01-06platform development spellingkwadronaut
2015-01-02updated quick-start.mdvarac
2015-01-02fixed navigationvarac
2015-01-02restructured platform tutorialsvarac
2015-01-02added two faqs to couch docvarac
2014-12-29moved dns setup after deployvarac
2014-12-29add back the gem installation method for the leap cliMicah Anderson
2014-12-29Now that we have a stable version, lets remove the suggestion to use theMicah Anderson
2014-12-24update on how to check out platform 0.6.0varac
2014-12-17updated ssh usage and known issues with platform 0.6elijah
2014-12-10updated to use the develop branch for leap_cli toovarac
2014-12-08add information to known issues about lack of ipv6 support (#6501)Micah Anderson
2014-12-03added text explaining use of rev in doc _macelijah
2014-12-03added to details submenuvarac
2014-12-01Add known limitations to Soledad doc.drebs
2014-12-01Add scrypt parameters to Soledad doc.drebs
2014-12-01Specify Soledad document and MAC keys.drebs
2014-11-30reorganize the platform pageselijah
2014-11-25updated documentation on customizing puppetvarac
2014-11-22add known issue about kernel upgrade making tun/tap devices unavailableMicah Anderson
2014-11-21added the use of leap_cli:developvarac
2014-11-20fix formatting of commandMicah Anderson
2014-11-20Update known issuesMicah Anderson
2014-11-18Merge branch 'master' of Anderson
2014-11-18updated docs/platform/ and included it into navigationvarac
2014-11-18Use the recently created OpenVPN configuration file when testing.Johan Nilsson
2014-11-18document log monitoring and -purging (Bug #6174)varac
2014-11-11added draft tests page, to be expanded uponelijah
2014-11-04no package yet for 14.10, should be there soon thoughkwadronaut
2014-11-04adding support for Ubuntu 14.10kwadronaut
2014-11-01update download urls for client (closes #6291) and platform (closes #6292)kwadronaut
2014-10-22added faq item about unattended upgradeselijah
2014-10-20stop suggesting the develop branch for the quickstart guideMicah Anderson
2014-10-15remove trailing spaceselijah
2014-10-15Update Soledad doc.drebs
2014-10-08List recognized polkit agents and remove old issues.Ivan Alejandro
2014-10-06platform docs: updated commands, removed config items that are no longer supp...elijah
2014-09-23added first version of single node quick start guide, wipvarac
2014-09-23Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2014-09-23updated vagrant notes in development.mdvarac
2014-08-20Add --always-unzip option to avoid import errors.Ivan Alejandro
2014-08-15Move automagic method to top.Ivan Alejandro