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2015-08-06[feat] WHEELHOUSE can be a url + --use-leap-wheelsParménides GV
2015-08-03[tests] Added requirements-latest to help HEAD developmentBruno Wagner
2015-08-03[feat] use wheels to install dependenciesParménides GV
2015-07-28[tests] add pep8 to requirements-testingKali Kaneko
2015-07-27[pkg] add AUTHORS file + one-liner to generate itKali Kaneko
2015-07-27[pkg] add script to install base requirementsKali Kaneko
2015-07-27[pkg] comment the line until the version string is fixedParménides GV
2015-07-22[pkg] do not add leap deps in develop modeKali Kaneko
2015-07-22[pkg] separate leap requirementsKali Kaneko
2015-06-27[bug] remove the dependency on enum34Ruben Pollan
2015-06-08[pkg] bump dependencies0.4.0release/0.4.xIvan Alejandro
2015-01-15Port validation levels to enum34Ruben Pollan
2015-01-15upgrade key when signed by old keyRuben Pollan
2015-01-07Use trial as test runner.drebs
2014-11-25Add enum as a dependency.drebs
2014-04-04Update dependenciesTomás Touceda
2013-12-09fix script path!Kali Kaneko
2013-12-09add with_venwrapper scriptKali Kaneko
2013-10-09bump also the gnupg sanity checkKali Kaneko
2013-10-09Set gnupg dep version to 1.2.3.drebs
2013-10-02Update to use gnupg 1.2.2 module.drebs
2013-08-23Some packaging improvementsKali Kaneko