AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2015-11-03Add bitmask 0.9.1 spec fileHEADdevelopIvan Alejandro
2015-10-28Update boost/openvpn, replace relnotes fileIvan Alejandro
2015-10-27Add bitmask 0.9.0 spec fileIvan Alejandro
2015-10-05Add bitmask 0.9.0rc4 spec fileIvan Alejandro
2015-09-22Add bitmask 0.9.0rc3 spec fileIvan Alejandro
2015-08-31add empty tuf repo info to nightly jsonIvan Alejandro
2015-08-26[bug] files have to be added after pyinstallerKali Kaneko
otherwise the build folder is destroyed after the missing files have been added.
2015-08-24Add bitmask 0.9.0rc2 spec fileIvan Alejandro
2015-08-24Add bitmask 0.9.0rc2b3 spec fileIvan Alejandro
2015-08-13Remove unneeded hacks, comment pyinstaller clones.Ivan Alejandro
Resolves: #7384
2015-08-07[feat] Install pyside from leap's wheelhouseParménides GV
Use kali's pyinstaller with pyside-hooks Don't use the index, I want the wheel from lizard. - Related: #7352
2015-08-06[feat] Detect sumo top folder with tarParménides GV
The script was assuming that the sumo tarball was named after the version of bitmask it contains, but "latest" symlink generated by buildbot doesn't follow that rule. Let tar list the folder the tarball generates (assuming there is only one folder, and that it's listed in first place), and follow accordingly. - Related: #7345
2015-08-05Add pyinstaller bundler script.Ivan Alejandro
2015-07-27[feat] Convert the tuf init script into a updater of root.json tooRuben Pollan
* Resolves: #7303
2015-07-22Add bitmask 0.9.0rc2b2 spec fileIvan Alejandro
2015-07-13Add bitmask 0.9.0rc2b1 spec fileIvan Alejandro
2015-07-10Add bitmask 0.9.0rc1 spec fileIvan Alejandro
2015-07-08Add bitmask 0.9.0alpha15 spec fileIvan Alejandro
2015-07-03Add bitmask 0.9.0alpha14 spec fileIvan Alejandro
2015-07-02Add explicit import hook for needed dep.Ivan Alejandro
2015-06-29Add needed library.Ivan Alejandro
2015-06-29Add bitmask 0.9.0alpha13 spec fileIvan Alejandro
2015-06-25Add bitmask 0.9.0alpha12 spec fileIvan Alejandro
2015-06-22Add bitmask 0.9.0alpha11 spec fileIvan Alejandro
2015-06-12Add bitmask 0.9.0alpha10 spec fileIvan Alejandro
2015-06-11Add bitmask 0.9.0alpha9 spec fileIvan Alejandro
2015-06-08Update launcher version for new alphaIvan Alejandro
2015-06-08Fixes to get the bundler working with the new jsonschema version.Ivan Alejandro
2015-06-08Add bitmask 0.9.0alpha8 spec fileIvan Alejandro
2015-03-30Add bitmask 0.9.0alpha7 spec fileIvan Alejandro
2015-03-11Add bitmask 0.9.0alpha6 spec fileIvan Alejandro
2015-03-09Add bitmask 0.8.2 spec fileIvan Alejandro
2015-02-27Run the TUF repo updater in a Docker container.Ivan Alejandro
2015-02-25Add bitmask 0.8.1 spec fileIvan Alejandro
2015-02-23Add bitmask 0.9.0alpha5 spec fileIvan Alejandro
2015-02-23Add manually the 'service-identity' dep.Ivan Alejandro
2015-02-23Add bitmask 0.9.0alpha4 spec fileIvan Alejandro
2015-02-04Add bitmask 0.8.0 spec fileIvan Alejandro
2015-01-30Add fabric file to update the TUF repo.Ivan Alejandro
Add support for json config file. This feature looks like it will be included soon in newer versions of fabric, but right now we add it manually. Add the configuration into a json file to avoid data on the python file. Ignore the file fabfile.json since it contains server information that may be sensitive.
2015-01-30Add bitmask 0.9.0alpha3 spec fileIvan Alejandro
2015-01-29Install pysqlcipher with pip.Ivan Alejandro
Using `python develop` causes a libc version compatibility issue.
2015-01-29Add bitmask 0.8.0rc4 spec fileIvan Alejandro
2015-01-28Add bitmask 0.9.0alpha2 spec fileIvan Alejandro
2015-01-28Unzip installed deps.Ivan Alejandro
If not, the bundler has problem collecting the dependencies.
2015-01-28Add helper to wait between steps.Ivan Alejandro
2015-01-26Don't use pip and add gnupg hack.Ivan Alejandro
2015-01-23bundle 0.9.0alpha1 with keymanager:develop.Ivan Alejandro
2015-01-22add spec file for the 0.9.0alpha1Kali Kaneko
2015-01-22Add the option to build the bundle with no TUF.Ivan Alejandro
Specifying in the spec file an option for 'tuf_repo' different than 'stable' or 'unstable' will build a TUF-less bundle.
2015-01-09Add bitmask 0.8.0rc3 spec fileIvan Alejandro