2015-06-10 elijahremove debugger line. oops. master
2015-06-10 elijahadd alpha sort to issue list.
2015-06-10 elijahadded option to hide dates and hide budget
2015-06-09 elijahfix bug when budgeted cost had currency
2015-06-09 elijahadded support for budgeted cost field, in addition...
2015-06-09 elijahfix total calculation
2015-06-08 elijahminor bug fixes
2015-06-08 elijah* added totals
2015-06-08 elijahfix bug that prevent time budget warning from getting...
2015-06-08 elijahadded money, added ability to hide hours or money,...
2015-05-28 elijahinitial commit.