2018-01-25 azulAdd .gitlab-ci.yml master
2018-01-25 AzulVersion 0.5.0 - upgrade dependencies
2015-09-17 AzulMerge remote-tracking branch 'alster/feature/extra...
2015-09-17 AzulMerge remote-tracking branch 'alster/add-ci' into master
2015-09-17 kaeffAllow extra signup params from account
2015-09-16 kaeffBump version to 0.4.0
2015-09-16 kaeffRemove jasmine html runner & outdated libs
2015-09-16 kaeffRun tests via cli using karma & PhantomJS for Travis
2013-10-14 jessibMerge pull request #4 from azul/bugfix/utf8-in-sha
2013-10-14 Azulproperly treat utf8 chars in password
2013-09-26 jessibMerge pull request #3 from azul/feature/use-token-auth
2013-09-24 Azuluse token from the form to submit password update
2013-07-12 Azulalso zeroprefix the salt if needed
2013-07-12 Azulprefix incoming B too
2013-07-12 Azulalso prefix our own toString(16) hex values
2013-07-12 Azulthe 0 prefix in hex is essential for building the M...
2013-07-06 azulMerge pull request #2 from elijh/feature/always-use-v1
2013-07-04 elijahalways use the API-only controller for all requests.
2013-06-24 jessibMerge pull request #1 from azul/refactor/separate-session
2013-06-24 Azulrefactor: separate account from session
2013-06-24 Azulrefactor: rename constants to calculate and clean up...
2013-06-24 Azulrefactor: separate calculations from session
2013-06-24 Azulfix bug wrt zero padding of hashes
2013-03-20 AzulMerge branch 'release/0.3.0'
2013-03-20 Azuladded version file
2013-03-20 Azuluse a proper random a for the handshake
2012-11-26 AzulAPI: update instead of addToForm
2012-11-23 AzuladdToForm: add the srp signup data to an existing form
2012-11-22 Azuldon't cache password and login
2012-11-22 Azulcatch empty responses
2012-11-22 Azulusing done/fail instead of success/error, handing all...
2012-11-20 Azulall request should go to absolute paths
2012-11-20 Azulmake sure we get the current password and login
2012-11-20 Azulmake sure srp.login also works as a callback
2012-11-20 Azulsending the parsed json object to the error handler
2012-11-20 AzulMerge branch 'feature/clean-srp' into develop
2012-11-19 Azulfurther cleanup
2012-11-19 Azulremoved the SRP class - using just a plain srp object now
2012-11-19 Azulfirst step at cleaning up the srp
2012-11-19 Azulworks - but not quite what i want. Exposing jqXHR to...
2012-11-14 AzulMerge branch 'release/0.2.0'
2012-11-14 AzulMerge branch 'feature/cleanup-non-restful' into develop
2012-11-14 Azulcleaned up unused parser functions
2012-11-14 Azulremoved outdated django remote and all related files
2012-11-12 AzulMerge branch 'feature-updated_json_api' into develop
2012-11-12 Azuladopting tests to new .json urls
2012-11-12 Azulspecifying charset and fetching jquery remotely
2012-11-09 AzulMerge branch 'master' into feature-updated_json_api
2012-10-30 Azulwe're expecting json responses - so put .json in the url
2012-10-19 Azuldon't expect create to return an ok
2012-10-19 Azulrequire srp.js first and the remotes afterwards
2012-10-19 Azuladded success and error callbacks to register
2012-10-17 Azulhand success and error messages to identify by default
2012-10-16 Azuluse M2 as the key for the server auth
2012-10-16 Azulnot caching x,V,salt to avoid conflicts
2012-10-16 Azuladded unit tests for session calculations
2012-10-15 Azulexpecting the salt to be send with key salt
2012-10-15 AzulMerge branch 'feature-jquery-remote' into develop
2012-10-15 Azulall rest tests passing, using proper verbs
2012-10-14 Azulcalculating the right M and M2!
2012-10-14 Azulgot SRP v6a test setup and basic rest flow to work
2012-10-12 Azulgot signup to work in accordance with py srp
2012-10-02 Azulusing jquery for signup post now. login still pending
2012-10-02 Azulfixed restful signup test
2012-08-21 Azulfirst round of making jslint happy
2012-08-21 Azulmoved srp-js files from lib to src
2012-08-21 Azulmoved on with refactoring
2012-08-13 Azulseperated session from the srp flow - login tests pass...
2012-08-04 Azulstarted implementing a restful signup
2012-08-04 Azulcopied jqueryRest and restful specs from django
2012-08-03 Azulmoved all xhr related stuff to a seperate class
2012-07-20 Azulexpose function to create salt
2012-07-20 AzulcalcV to calculate verifier, do not use srp_url or...
2012-07-20 Azulmoved src to lib and use relative path in require_tree
2012-07-20 AzulMerge branch 'master' of git://
2012-07-20 Azuladded an index file to use with sprockets
2012-07-20 Azuladded an index file to use with sprockets
2012-07-20 AzulINCOMPATIBLE: major restructuring of the repository
2012-07-02 Azulreject server response with error message if B=0
2012-07-02 AzulexpectRequest and respond{JSON,XML} functions to simpli...
2012-07-02 Azulrefactoring the tests a bit
2012-07-02 Azulparsing JSON responses tested and fixed
2012-07-02 Azulfactored out parsing the responses
2012-07-02 Azulcheck for ready state and status before callback
2012-07-02 Azulchanged indentation to the 2 spaces i love
2012-07-02 Azuladded integration test for login
2012-06-29 AzulConnection Header is not allowed according to xhr spec.
2012-06-29 Azuladded tests for registration with jasmin and sinon
2012-06-27 Azuladding license remark in readme
2012-06-27 Azuladded Readme from the original project site
2009-08-15 ausiv4This adds a file '' to simplify templating.
2009-08-14 ausiv4Fixed bug in, changed files named 'hash' to...
2009-08-13 ausiv4Added support for logins without javascript. This is...
2009-08-12 ausiv4Rather than passing the necessary parameters to the...
2009-08-12 ausiv4When upgrading the user from a non-srp account to an...
2009-08-09 ausiv4Significant cleanup to srp.js.
2009-08-08 ausiv4This adds upgrade functionality so that existing django...
2009-08-07 ausiv4This update separates the register functionality from...
2009-08-06 ausiv4Changes were made to improve database efficiency and...
2009-08-04 ausiv4Removed debugging line from srp.js