2020-02-25 Ruben PollanFix obfs4 transport import master
2019-12-10 Ruben PollanAdd license
2019-11-13 cybertaMerge branch 'close_conns' into 'master'
2019-11-04 Ruben PollanClose the channel when listener close fails
2019-10-29 Ruben PollanAdd logger interface
2019-10-24 Ruben PollanAdd support for the new dialer and error on obfs4client
2019-10-22 Ruben PollanCheck if the certificate is valid origin/check_certificate
2019-08-15 Ruben PollanClose the error channel origin/HEAD origin/master
2019-08-08 Ruben PollanAdd error handling support origin/error_handling
2019-08-07 Ruben PollanClose the listener if it has being initialized
2019-08-07 Ruben Pollantransport Dial now returns an error
2019-07-18 Ruben Pollan[feat] first implementation of the library