2019-10-23 kwadronautMerge remote-tracking branch 'meskio/new_obfs4_errors' master
2019-10-23 kwadronaut.gitignore .idea
2019-10-22 Ruben PollanLog errors initializing obfs4 transport server
2019-10-21 BluesaxorcistMade the other three modes work origin/HEAD origin/master
2019-10-21 BluesaxorcistRemoved termmon and fixed compiler warnings
2019-10-21 Bluesaxorcistadded dialer to the modes and removed unneccessary... origin/DevBranch
2019-10-14 Bluesaxorcistrenamed all of the iatMode strings to iat-mode
2019-10-08 Bluesaxorcistignore log files
2019-10-08 BluesaxorcistAdded Replicant Config Parser
2019-10-08 Bluesaxorcistadded example code to the optimizer json file
2019-10-08 Bluesaxorcistcommented out replicant on tcp side until code is fixed
2019-09-30 BluesaxorcistRenamed Optimizer client
2019-09-30 BluesaxorcistMerge branch 'meskio-error_handling'
2019-09-30 BluesaxorcistMerge branch 'error_handling' of
2019-09-30 BluesaxorcistRemoved unnecessary function
2019-09-22 BluesaxorcistFixed the problem with pointers to interfaces
2019-09-22 Bluesaxorcistadded cases for parsing to Optimizer
2019-09-16 Bluesaxorcistfixed transports to use configs
2019-09-16 BluesaxorcistAdded Dust, Meeklite, and Replicant to dispatcher modes
2019-09-14 Bluesaxorcistrefactoring the modes
2019-09-06 Ruben PollanImprove error login origin/pr/14
2019-08-30 Bluesaxorcistadded Dust and commented in replicant's code to the...
2019-08-30 Bluesaxorcistadded the dispatcher changes to .gitignore
2019-08-30 Bluesaxorcistadjusted the readme to give option of using -options...
2019-08-30 BluesaxorcistAdded meeklite to the dispatcher modes
2019-08-23 Dr. Brandon... Added a new way to parse transport options that allows...
2019-08-22 Bluesaxorcistcorrected an incorrect port example
2019-08-22 Bluesaxorcistfixed example of client to use a working port
2019-08-22 Bluesaxorcistchanged the port in the ReadME to a port that works...
2019-08-16 BluesaxorcistMerge branch 'master' of
2019-08-16 Bluesaxorcistmade dispatcher operational for obfs4
2019-08-16 Bluesaxorcistignored state files
2019-08-16 Bluesaxorcistcommented out an unusable import
2019-08-12 Bluesaxorcistcorrected another problem on the readme
2019-08-12 Bluesaxorcistupdated README to troubleshoot problems
2019-08-11 Bluesaxorcistcommented in Optimizer and shadow code for later adjustment
2019-08-08 BluesaxorcistModified dialer to return conn and error
2019-08-01 Bluesaxorcistfixed errors
2019-08-01 Bluesaxorcistmade code conform to optimizer
2018-10-16 Dr. Brandon... Updated version numbers and links
2018-10-16 Dr. Brandon... Updated required go version
2018-10-16 Dr. Brandon... Updated list of supported protocols
2018-10-16 Dr. Brandon... Updated list of supported transports
2018-10-11 Dr. Brandon... Migrated from PT Go API 2.0 to PT Go Api 2.1
2018-01-15 Dr. Brandon... Allow for the client proxy listening address to be... 2.0.1
2017-08-15 Brandon WileyFixed an incorrect error message
2017-08-14 Brandon WileyRemoved debugging prints or converted to error logging
2017-08-14 Brandon WileyConverted debugging prints to error logging
2017-08-09 Brandon WileyMerge branch 'master' of
2017-08-09 Brandon WileyAdded Shadowsocks transport option to transparent TCP...
2017-08-09 Brandon WileyUse new ParsePT2ServerParameters() function for parsing...
2017-08-09 Brandon WileyAdded information about using shapeshifter-dispatcher...
2017-05-19 Brandon WileyAdded instructions for using obfs4
2017-05-11 Brandon WileyPass in the state directory and options to the transpor...
2017-05-11 Brandon WileyFixed a bug where the server-side obfs4 was not being...
2017-02-22 Brandon WileyRemoved obsolete client factories
2017-02-22 Brandon WileyRefactored server factory creation to allow use of...
2017-02-22 Brandon WileyImplemented use of transports that require parameters
2017-02-22 Brandon WileyImplemented PT2 authentication mode
2017-02-22 Brandon WileyAdded PT2 authentication protocol
2017-02-09 Brandon WileyImplemeneted -extorport and -authcookie flags
2017-02-09 Brandon WileyImplemented -exit-on-sdin-close flag
2017-02-08 Brandon WileyAdded missing command line flags from the PT 2.0 specif...
2017-02-08 Brandon WileyPorted remaining proxy modes (UDP, STUN, SOCKS) to...
2016-12-11 Brandon WileyConverted transport use to the PT 2.0 Go API
2016-12-11 Brandon WileyTemporarily disabling modes other than transparent...
2016-12-11 Brandon WileyTemporarily disabling all transports that have not...
2016-12-09 Brandon WileyRemoved resolveAddr() and parsePort(), which are in...
2016-12-08 Brandon WileyFixed some minor errors in function and module names...
2016-12-08 Brandon WileyUpdated goptlib import paths to use shapeshifter-ipc
2016-12-08 Brandon WileyImplemented server-side transparent TCP proxy mode
2016-12-08 Brandon WileyImplemented server-side transparent TCP proxy mode
2016-12-05 Brandon WileyIncluded information for "mand not found" error.
2016-11-29 Brandon WileyFixed the usage string for -state
2016-11-29 Brandon WileyAdded information about the compatible Go version
2016-11-29 Brandon WileyFixed go get command in documentation
2016-11-22 Brandon WileyAdded link to Moonbounce repo
2016-11-22 Brandon WileyChanged some README formatting
2016-11-22 Brandon WileyRewrote to be relevant to shapeshifter-dispatcher
2016-11-22 Brandon WileyPrint usage when require parameters are missing
2016-11-17 Brandon WileyOrganized and commented command line flags according...
2016-11-16 Brandon WileyAdded new command line flags and refactored ClientSetup...
2016-11-16 Brandon WileyRemoved proxy_dialers, we will use the obfs4 version...
2016-11-16 Brandon WileyFixed import paths
2016-11-15 Brandon WileyChanged import paths to use shapeshifter-transports...
2016-11-15 Brandon WileyFixed import paths to use shapeshifter-dispatcher/shape...
2016-11-15 Brandon WileyRemoved transports from shapeshifter-dispatcher (now...
2016-11-15 Brandon WileyRenamed obfs4proxy to shapeshifter-dispatcher
2016-11-08 Brandon WileyUpdated to use no goturn API
2016-08-17 Brandon WileyImplemented STUN mode
2016-08-17 Brandon WileyImplementing connection pool handling semantics specifi...
2016-08-02 Brandon WileyAdded STUN-aware UDP proxy mode
2016-04-03 Robin TarsigerExplicitly import proxy dialers for side effects
2016-04-03 Robin TarsigerSplit "proxies" into "proxy_dialers" and "modes"
2016-03-31 Robin TarsigerRun go fmt on recent changes
2016-03-31 Robin TarsigerFix package declaration in termmon_linux.go
2016-03-31 Brandon WileyChanged import paths
2016-03-31 Brandon WileyMoved pt_extras code from main into its own package
2016-03-31 Brandon WileyMove termmon code from main into its own package
2016-03-31 Brandon WileySplit out proxy code into multiple different proxy...