2017-04-13 varacUse functions in
2017-04-11 varacGenerate visualisartions from mustache template
2017-04-11 varacRefine base search
2017-04-11 varacClear cache after uploading
2017-04-10 varacAdd soledad-benchmark dashboard
2017-04-10 varacAdd visualization/test_upload_20_500k.json
2017-04-10 varacFix benchmark* index pattern
2017-04-10 varacAdded saved search and index pattern for soledad dashboard
2017-04-10 varacAdd from elastic/beats-dashboards
2017-03-17 varacUse right baseimage
2017-03-17 varacInstall ssh ed host keys
2017-03-15 kwadronautalign variables
2017-03-15 kwadronautuse variables that are assigned in force-signed
2017-03-15 kwadronautbitmask wants only signed commits, hookscript
2017-03-14 varacUse latest sdk version
2017-03-14 varacUse 25.2.3 sdk tools, remove unwanted stuff
2017-03-14 varacAdd android docker image
2017-03-08 varacAdd yakkety_amd64
2017-03-08 varacInclude universe in sources.list
2017-03-08 varacInstall sources.list for yakkety
2017-03-08 varacAdd xenial_amd64 ubuntu docker image
2017-03-08 varacRename base images, push to 0xacab registry
2017-02-21 varacTest push
2017-02-21 varacUse schell script for anonymizing logs
2017-02-21 varacAdd log anonymizer sed script
2017-02-18 varacAdded stretch docker image
2017-02-16 varacMake mrconfig stuff more generic, update README
2017-02-16 varacWe dont use submodules anymore
2017-02-14 varacAdd deb packaging script to build packages from git...
2017-02-14 varacUse proper leap-archive-keyring from debian
2017-02-14 varacUpdate Readme
2017-02-07 varacReplace with again
2017-02-07 varacReplace with
2017-02-07 varacRename repo to testing-platform
2017-02-01 varacAdd LEAP deb platform repo + signing keys
2017-02-01 varacUse host domain to query in tests/
2017-02-01 varacDont use git:/ urls anymore
2017-02-01 varacUpdate how to query latest tags
2016-12-22 varacUpdate build instructions
2016-12-22 varacDo a dist-upgrade for the jessie image
2016-12-22 varacAdd uuid-runtime as bitmask-dev debs
2016-12-22 varacDont default to unpriv. user
2016-12-22 varacAdd e2e test deps to bitmask-dev/Dockerfile
2016-12-22 varacUpdate README
2016-11-18 Micah Andersonadd docker packaging work
2016-11-02 varacinstall build-essential to leapcode/ruby to install...
2016-10-15 varacadded some tools for CI, use unprivileged user
2016-10-15 varacConfigure unprivileged cirunner, install sudo
2016-10-13 varacbase leapcode/ruby on leapcode/jessie
2016-10-13 varacleapcode/jessie: Bare debian jessie baseimage with...
2016-10-13 varacv3.0: Use debian:jessie instead of ruby:2.1
2016-10-12 varacAdd moreutils and expect for ci builds
2016-10-07 varacadd bitmask-dev image
2016-07-21 varacAdded Dockerfile for leapcode/ruby
2013-09-26 varacadded deploy script
2013-09-26 varac+Preparing the demo machines
2013-09-26 varacadd production tag
2013-09-26 varacchanged hostnames + services to match quick-start docum...
2013-09-26 varacupdated
2013-09-26 varacpossible to edit branch name
2013-09-16 varacadded shelr script and first screencast script (setting...
2013-09-15 varaccut feature branch name so it don't get too long
2013-09-05 varacadded gource directory
2013-09-03 varacadded for starting feature branches from...
2013-09-03 varacreorganized directory layout
2013-08-30 varacfixed output to include authentication
2013-08-30 varacadded check for expected response code
2013-08-30 varacuse for testing
2013-08-29 Micah Andersonmove the --tls option down into the swaks_auth section...
2013-08-29 varacnobody -> fooooo, cause nobody is a system account
2013-08-29 ->
2013-08-29 varacmake be able to test mail delivery remotely
2013-08-29 varacadded leap-mx test scripts
2013-07-19 varacadded for genrating a .mrconfig...
2013-02-11 Micah Andersonfix python_sh repository
2013-02-05 Micah Andersonfix vagrant repository name
2013-01-25 Micah Andersonadd git_assure_remote to the lib
2013-01-24 Micah Andersonupdate README to note the ~/.mrtrust
2013-01-24 Micah Andersonremove pathing from .mrconfig
2013-01-23 Micah Andersonadd README to detail things in this repository
2013-01-23 Micah Andersonadd a .mrconfig that contains all the repositories...
2013-01-23 Micah Andersonadd with an abstracted $HOME...