AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2017-06-08[elastic] create resources visualizationdrebs
2017-05-31Finish get_contributors.shvarac
2017-05-31Added repos, show all commits but not subreposvarac
2017-05-31Add script to list all LEAP contributorsvarac
2017-05-05[elastic] double dump panels jsondrebs
2017-05-05[elastic] move .gitignore to elastic folderdrebs
2017-05-05[elastic] use multiple mustache templatesdrebs
2017-05-05[elastic] remove inline jsondrebs
2017-05-04remove bitmask-dev Dockerfile, its in the project nowMicah Anderson
2017-05-04add patchelf and libusb to make gpg workKali
2017-04-26Add todos to elastic scriptsvarac
2017-04-25remove old docker packaging files, these have been replaced byMicah Anderson
2017-04-25move to and ↵Micah Anderson
2017-04-21Show max 1000 instead of 100 commitsvarac
2017-04-20Increment Panel index againvarac
2017-04-19Add missing deps for soledad docker image.drebs
2017-04-18Cleanup script.drebs
2017-04-18Add median and iqr to graphs, remove max and min.drebs
2017-04-18Show sorted tests in dashboard.drebs
2017-04-18Verify generated visualizations are valid JSONs.drebs
2017-04-18add stddev to mustache visualization templatedrebs
2017-04-18Query test names from elasticsearchvarac
2017-04-18Dont use json anymore for test arrayvarac
2017-04-18add soledad dockerfiledrebs
2017-04-18Moved READMEvarac
2017-04-13Finish dashboardvarac
2017-04-13Add dashboard templatevarac
2017-04-13Use functions in generate-config.pyvarac
2017-04-11Generate visualisartions from mustache templatevarac
2017-04-11Refine base searchvarac
2017-04-11Clear cache after uploadingvarac
2017-04-10Add soledad-benchmark dashboardvarac
2017-04-10Add visualization/test_upload_20_500k.jsonvarac
2017-04-10Fix benchmark* index patternvarac
2017-04-10Added saved search and index pattern for soledad dashboardvarac
2017-04-10Add from elastic/beats-dashboardsvarac
2017-03-18Use right baseimagevarac
2017-03-18Install ssh ed host keysvarac
2017-03-15align variableskwadronaut
2017-03-15use variables that are assigned in force-signedkwadronaut
2017-03-15bitmask wants only signed commits, hookscriptkwadronaut
2017-03-14Use latest sdk versionvarac
2017-03-14Use 25.2.3 sdk tools, remove unwanted stuffvarac
2017-03-14Add android docker imagevarac
2017-03-08Add yakkety_amd64varac
2017-03-08Include universe in sources.listvarac
2017-03-08Install sources.list for yakketyvarac
2017-03-08Add xenial_amd64 ubuntu docker imagevarac
2017-03-08Rename base images, push to 0xacab registryvarac
2017-02-21Test pushvarac