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2017-02-07 varacReplace with again
2017-02-07 varacReplace with
2017-02-07 varacRename repo to testing-platform
2017-02-01 varacAdd LEAP deb platform repo + signing keys
2017-02-01 varacUpdate how to query latest tags
2016-12-22 varacUpdate build instructions
2016-12-22 varacDo a dist-upgrade for the jessie image
2016-12-22 varacAdd uuid-runtime as bitmask-dev debs
2016-12-22 varacDont default to unpriv. user
2016-12-22 varacAdd e2e test deps to bitmask-dev/Dockerfile
2016-12-22 varacUpdate README
2016-11-18 Micah Andersonadd docker packaging work
2016-11-02 varacinstall build-essential to leapcode/ruby to install...
2016-10-15 varacadded some tools for CI, use unprivileged user
2016-10-15 varacConfigure unprivileged cirunner, install sudo
2016-10-13 varacbase leapcode/ruby on leapcode/jessie
2016-10-13 varacleapcode/jessie: Bare debian jessie baseimage with...
2016-10-13 varacv3.0: Use debian:jessie instead of ruby:2.1
2016-10-12 varacAdd moreutils and expect for ci builds
2016-10-07 varacadd bitmask-dev image
2016-07-21 varacAdded Dockerfile for leapcode/ruby