[elastic] increase limit of points in graphs
[scripts.git] / elastic /
2017-07-10 drebs[elastic] increase limit of points in graphs
2017-07-10 drebs[elastic] separate cpu and memory graphs
2017-07-07 drebs[elastic] create one dashboard per test
2017-07-07 drebs[elastic] plot results for resources from weasel
2017-06-21 drebs[elastic] remove x-axis labels
2017-06-15 drebs[elastic] use custom labels for metrics
2017-06-08 drebs[elastic] update readme with info on modifying dashboard
2017-06-08 drebs[elastic] update index pattern to contain cpu/mem entries
2017-06-08 drebs[elastic] add requirements file
2017-06-08 drebs[elastic] create resources visualization
2017-05-05 drebs[elastic] double dump panels json
2017-05-05 drebs[elastic] move .gitignore to elastic folder
2017-05-05 drebs[elastic] use multiple mustache templates
2017-05-05 drebs[elastic] remove inline json
2017-04-26 varacAdd todos to elastic scripts
2017-04-21 varacShow max 1000 instead of 100 commits
2017-04-20 varacIncrement Panel index again
2017-04-18 drebsCleanup load.sh script.
2017-04-18 drebsAdd median and iqr to graphs, remove max and min.
2017-04-18 drebsShow sorted tests in dashboard.
2017-04-18 drebsVerify generated visualizations are valid JSONs.
2017-04-18 drebsadd stddev to mustache visualization template
2017-04-18 varacQuery test names from elasticsearch
2017-04-18 varacDont use json anymore for test array
2017-04-13 varacFinish dashboard
2017-04-13 varacAdd dashboard template
2017-04-13 varacUse functions in generate-config.py
2017-04-11 varacGenerate visualisartions from mustache template
2017-04-11 varacRefine base search
2017-04-11 varacClear cache after uploading
2017-04-10 varacAdd soledad-benchmark dashboard
2017-04-10 varacAdd visualization/test_upload_20_500k.json
2017-04-10 varacFix benchmark* index pattern
2017-04-10 varacAdded saved search and index pattern for soledad dashboard
2017-04-10 varacAdd load.sh from elastic/beats-dashboards