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+# LEAP scripts repo
+This repository contains some useful scripts and bits for sysdevs and general
+purpose tools.
+Please look into the seperate subdir `` for further documentation.
+## mrconfig
+.mrconfig - to use this config the best thing to do is to put this in your
+ [leap/scripts]
+ checkout = git clone REPOURL scripts &&
+ ln -s ${HOME}/leap/scripts/.mrconfig ${HOME}/leap/.mrconfig
+that way this scripts repository will be checked out and the .mrconfig file will
+be symlinked into your $HOME/leap directory.
+You will also need to add the path to this .mrconfig to your ~/.mrtrust.
+Then when in $HOME/leap, you can run 'mr checkout' and 'mr update' to checkout
+all the repositories, and to get them updated.
+NOTE: all of this is assuming a certain directory structure, so have a look at
+that before you go ahead.