2012-06-27 Azuladjusted user model to use srp
2012-06-27 Azulmoved to ajax workflow and integrated srp-js - not...
2012-06-26 Azulfirst steps towards adding a server side srp flow to...
2012-06-26 Azulmoved user and log class to models, verify prints logs
2012-06-26 Azulmoved the sample app to it's own subdirectory
2012-06-26 Azulstress three step layout with a little helper
2012-06-26 Azulusing layout in the sinatra app
2012-06-26 Azuladded simple sinatra app for demoing / testing
2012-06-18 Azuladded readme
2012-06-18 Azulinitial commit - testing srp auth