2013-02-11 Micah AndersonW: python-sh source: package-needs-versioned-debhelper... master
2013-02-11 Ben Carrillobump compat 1.08-1
2013-02-11 Ben Carrillorm .pc
2013-02-11 Ben Carrillopatch unicode and failing tests on chroot
2013-02-11 Ben Carrilloadd quilt to deps
2013-02-10 Ben Carrilloadd .pc to gitignore
2013-02-10 Ben Carrillofix for unicodeencode error on _format_args
2013-02-10 Ben Carrillorm generated files from repo
2013-02-05 Ben Carrilloabourt build if tests fail
2013-02-05 Ben Carrilloremove debhelper boilerplate from debian/rules
2013-02-05 Ben Carrilloupdate gitignore
2013-02-05 Ben Carrillofix python3-depends
2013-02-05 Ben Carrillonew upstream release (1.08)
2013-02-05 Ben Carrillotake build files out from repo
2013-02-05 Ben Carrillofix python-version-declaration
2013-02-05 Ben Carrillorm incorrect vcs fields
2013-02-05 Ben Carrillofix unversioned-copyright-format-uri error
2013-02-05 Ben Carrilloadd differentiated short-description for python3
2013-02-05 Ben Carrilloinitial commit 1.07-1