2017-08-28 VaracBuild for stretch and zesty, and for client repo as...
2017-06-27 Varac[pkg] Note about missing manpage to .gitlab-ci.yml
2017-06-26 VaracDont ignore the whole debian/ folder
2017-06-23 VaracDisable stretch builds until lintian is fixed
2017-06-22 VaracLINTIAN_OPTS is now a string
2017-06-22 VaracFix lintian error about obsolete depends notation
2017-06-22 VaracAdd dh-python to Build-Depends
2017-06-22 VaracFix lintian error about obsolete Build-dep notation
2017-06-22 VaracIgnore lintian warnings until they get fixed
2017-06-22 VaracUse LEAP automated build <> as uploaders
2017-06-22 VaracUse Standards-Version: 3.9.8 to fix lintian warning
2017-06-22 Kali Kaneko... ignore more things
2017-06-22 Kali Kaneko... update to new build step, linking against system lib...
2017-06-22 VaracAdd .gitlab-ci.yml for packaging
2017-06-22 VaracAdd debian folder from debian/platform-0.9 branch
2017-06-22 Kali Kaneko... [pkg] add empty default target
2017-04-13 Kali Kaneko... add todo
2017-04-13 Kali Kaneko... add entry to changelog
2017-04-13 Kali Kaneko... patch amalgamation to show usleep flag
2017-04-13 Kali Kaneko... add some smoke tests
2017-04-13 Kali Kaneko... update amalgamation to 3.15
2017-04-13 Kali Kaneko... cleanup setup
2017-02-08 Kali Kaneko... bump version to 2.6.9 2.6.9
2017-02-02 Ruben Pollan[feat] add support for the blob interface develop
2017-01-23 Kali Kaneko... support other shells 2.6.8
2017-01-23 Kali Kaneko... bump version for pysqlcipher 2.6.8
2017-01-20 Kali Kaneko... Patch amalgamation so that it is compatible with openss...
2016-10-03 Kali Kaneko... update to 2.6.7 2.6.7
2016-10-03 Kali Kaneko... updated to latest amalgamation
2016-09-30 Kali Kaneko... add LICENSE section about sqlcipher
2016-09-30 Kali Kaneko... add upload to makefile
2016-09-30 Kali Kaneko... add script to download latest amalgamation 2.6.6
2016-09-30 Kali Kaneko... [pkg] change the build behavior
2016-09-30 Kali Kaneko... enable HAVE_USLEEP flag
2016-01-24 PaixuAabuizia[bug] setup does only work with msvc compiler
2015-01-16 Kali KanekoMerge remote-tracking branch 'leapcode/pr/14' into...
2015-01-16 Paul BarriereFix for invalid concatenated path causing install to...
2014-11-12 Kali Kanekofix typo in almalgamation url 2.6.4
2014-11-11 Kali Kanekobump version in
2014-11-10 Kali Kanekoadd changelog entry for msvs pullreq
2014-11-10 Giannis AdamopoulosAdd support for msvc
2014-11-10 Kali Kanekouse https uri for amalgamation download
2014-09-15 Kali Kanekoreadme fixes
2014-09-15 Kali Kanekofix bad expression
2014-09-12 Kali Kanekodocument build_sqlcipher command
2014-09-12 Kali Kanekofix syntax for code blocks
2014-09-12 Kali Kanekoignore egg-info folder
2014-09-12 Kali Kanekomove to setuptools based setup
2014-09-12 Kali Kanekoadd changelog 2.6.3-1
2014-09-09 Kali Kanekoadd usage section
2014-09-09 Kali Kanekoset CFLAGS to -Qnoused-arguments to allow osx build
2014-08-28 dbFix module import for iterdump method (#2945).
2013-12-05 Kali Kanekoremove the development flag so it's pip-installable
2013-05-30 Kali Kanekoremove doc install for now
2013-05-30 Kali Kanekoadd include dir for slcipher
2013-05-29 Kali Kanekoignore debian
2013-05-29 Kali Kanekobump dev version
2013-05-29 Kali Kanekoadd build_sqlcipher option
2013-05-29 Kali Kanekocleanup docs
2013-04-29 Kali Kanekoadd dev version
2013-04-26 Kali Kanekominor modifications to setup
2013-02-04 Kali Kanekoinitial commit