right now Micah Andersonremove platform packages for unsupported distributions master
right now VaracUpdate Standards-Version to 4.1.1
right now VaracFix lintian warning (resolves: #2)
right now VaracBuild ubuntu artful package
right now Kali Kaneko[pkg] bump debian changelog
right now Kali Kanekodelete test db
right now VaracBuild package for debian buster
right now VaracBuild for stretch and zesty, and for client repo as...
right now Varac[pkg] Note about missing manpage to .gitlab-ci.yml
right now VaracDont ignore the whole debian/ folder
right now VaracDisable stretch builds until lintian is fixed
right now VaracLINTIAN_OPTS is now a string
right now VaracFix lintian error about obsolete depends notation
right now VaracAdd dh-python to Build-Depends
right now VaracFix lintian error about obsolete Build-dep notation
right now VaracIgnore lintian warnings until they get fixed
right now VaracUse LEAP automated build <> as uploaders
right now VaracUse Standards-Version: 3.9.8 to fix lintian warning
right now Kali Kaneko... ignore more things
right now Kali Kaneko... update to new build step, linking against system lib...
right now VaracAdd .gitlab-ci.yml for packaging
right now VaracAdd debian folder from debian/platform-0.9 branch
right now Kali Kaneko... [pkg] add empty default target
right now Kali Kaneko... add todo
right now Kali Kaneko... add entry to changelog
right now Kali Kaneko... patch amalgamation to show usleep flag
right now Kali Kaneko... add some smoke tests
right now Kali Kaneko... update amalgamation to 3.15
right now Kali Kaneko... cleanup setup
right now Kali Kaneko... bump version to 2.6.9 2.6.9
right now Ruben Pollan[feat] add support for the blob interface develop
right now Kali Kaneko... support other shells 2.6.8
right now Kali Kaneko... bump version for pysqlcipher 2.6.8
right now Kali Kaneko... Patch amalgamation so that it is compatible with openss...
2016-10-03 Kali Kaneko... update to 2.6.7 2.6.7
2016-10-03 Kali Kaneko... updated to latest amalgamation
2016-09-30 Kali Kaneko... add LICENSE section about sqlcipher
2016-09-30 Kali Kaneko... add upload to makefile
2016-09-30 Kali Kaneko... add script to download latest amalgamation 2.6.6
2016-09-30 Kali Kaneko... [pkg] change the build behavior
2016-09-30 Kali Kaneko... enable HAVE_USLEEP flag
2016-01-24 PaixuAabuizia[bug] setup does only work with msvc compiler
2015-01-16 Kali KanekoMerge remote-tracking branch 'leapcode/pr/14' into...
2015-01-16 Paul BarriereFix for invalid concatenated path causing install to...
2014-11-12 Kali Kanekofix typo in almalgamation url 2.6.4
2014-11-11 Kali Kanekobump version in
2014-11-10 Kali Kanekoadd changelog entry for msvs pullreq
2014-11-10 Giannis AdamopoulosAdd support for msvc
2014-11-10 Kali Kanekouse https uri for amalgamation download
2014-09-15 Kali Kanekoreadme fixes
2014-09-15 Kali Kanekofix bad expression
2014-09-12 Kali Kanekodocument build_sqlcipher command
2014-09-12 Kali Kanekofix syntax for code blocks
2014-09-12 Kali Kanekoignore egg-info folder
2014-09-12 Kali Kanekomove to setuptools based setup
2014-09-12 Kali Kanekoadd changelog 2.6.3-1
2014-09-09 Kali Kanekoadd usage section
2014-09-09 Kali Kanekoset CFLAGS to -Qnoused-arguments to allow osx build
2014-08-28 dbFix module import for iterdump method (#2945).
2013-12-05 Kali Kanekoremove the development flag so it's pip-installable
2013-05-30 Kali Kanekoremove doc install for now
2013-05-30 Kali Kanekoadd include dir for slcipher
2013-05-29 Kali Kanekoignore debian
2013-05-29 Kali Kanekobump dev version
2013-05-29 Kali Kanekoadd build_sqlcipher option
2013-05-29 Kali Kanekocleanup docs
2013-04-29 Kali Kanekoadd dev version
2013-04-26 Kali Kanekominor modifications to setup
2013-02-04 Kali Kanekoinitial commit