Since we're overriding retrieve anyhow, make all the values for ensure explicit
[puppet_vcsrepo.git] / lib / puppet /
2010-03-14 Bruce WilliamsSince we're overriding retrieve anyhow, make all the...
2010-03-14 Bruce WilliamsMake gzip compression and bare repositories explicit...
2010-03-14 Bruce WilliamsBasic Bazaar support
2010-03-14 Bruce WilliamsSupport Mercurial tags, restructure examples
2010-03-13 Bruce WilliamsBasic Mercurial support
2010-03-13 Bruce WilliamsRefactor common bits to abstract provider superclass
2010-03-13 Bruce WilliamsBasic CVS support
2010-03-13 Bruce WilliamsHandle special case when converting an empty bare repos...
2010-03-13 Bruce WilliamsSome fixes after live testing, add support for bare...
2010-03-13 Bruce WilliamsConvert bare repos to working copy repos and vice-versa
2010-03-13 Bruce WilliamsTests for Git revision property, cleanup
2010-03-13 Bruce WilliamsBasic SVN provider
2010-02-23 rootInitial commit